Member-Guest thank you gift?


Aside from booze or Golfer’s Journal subscription, any good recommendations for a thank you gift for a guest to send to their host for a nice member/guest event?


We did travel bags one year at my club and we did clothes from Polo another.


If they smoke cigars, I recommend a really nice butane lighter. So easy to light a cigar even when the wind is howling. Plus, you can get it engraved for an added touch.


My buddy brings me a very nice bottle of bourbon every year - and he takes care of the gambling (about $500). He’s a good partner!


Got the following over a couple years. Use them all the time and they are a great product.


Cigars and bourbon good answers if they are into either. Easy ones are always nice golf balls (pro v1 usually). Those are annoying to buy and I always like getting them as gifts, been telling relatives that now to make it easier on them for christmas, birthday etc too!


I bought my member partner a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant and wine shop in her town. She loved it.


Maybe check with the Ast Pro or his wife/ gf and see if there’s anything in the pro shop he’s been eyeing up… Most pro shops can custom engrave something with a name/ logo - seems to be a popular idea