Mayakoba Classic

Looks like we have a 59 watch right out of the gates. Danny Lee is 10 under through 13, par 71.

And of course I jinxed him - he bogeyed 14.

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Anybody just hear The Hoss get caught on a hot mic coming back from commercial? Amazing.


How is that against the rules?

The PGA Tour uses the One Ball Rule.

Could a golfer play a Pro V1 and an X in the same round or does it have to be the same model?

The same model. Same year too. 2017 V1x != 2019 V1x.


That is a stupid rule.

Goes to show you how good these guys are where they would likely play a different ball on par 3s vs par 5s based on spin and distance.

Why is it a stupid rule? The ball is literally different year to year.

In today’s game it might be a little stupid. But when I was growing up, it was common in regular rounds for people to switch their ball when they got to the green or maybe even in the fairway. You would use a hard as a rock distance ball off the tee and then switch to your balata to putt or chip with. Now that the modern ball can be long, spin when you need it, and soft around the greens, this rule isn’t as needed.

There’s a difference between switching mid-hole and switching between holes. I hate to be the “parroting SGS” guy, but their point about a kid in a Junior Am rinsing a ProV1 and having to buy another box just seems like it is rigged to force people to buy more balls.

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If you’re playing in the Jr. Am and you didn’t bring enough balls to finish your round, the one ball rule isn’t your problem.


Yeah, no.

And the smug attitudes of some in here make it much easier to stay away…

A few minutes after this picture was snapped the Mayakoba trophy was born.


Trophy sort of looks like what you would get if you had a big tumor removed and then celebrated being tumor free by mounting it to a piece of wood with a plaque.