Maxamania, Rackham GC (Detroit, MI) May 22, 2021

Hitting up my favorite haunts in Corktown the Sugar House and Two James Distillery.

How late are things open in Detroit? Are 2am Lafayette runs still allowed?

I’m usually anti link sharing but whatever. This will get you $20 off $40 or more at Homage. Probably my favorite t shirt brand out there.

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Eastern Market Brewing is great! I’ll also add that they have a second location called Ferndale Project located not too far away from Rackham. Urbanrest Brewing in Ferndale is also amazing.


Urbanrest is the spot if you want some crispybois.


@Lazstradamus Did you already do a group buy on these to present to our team?
If not. Damnit. Sold out.

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Auction threads are LIVE!


FYI- In the Western auction you get to play golf with me. Not sure if that helps or hurts.


Pretty much the only reason I bid

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For attendees, we will also be running a raffle and 50/50 drawing at the event with several GREAT prizes available. We will handle it on a first drawn, first served basis.

Items for raffle:

  • First prize 50/50 drawing
  • Precision Pro NX9 Rangefinder (@methridge)
  • White Leather Maxamania Headcover (@N8dogg2669)
  • Black Leather Maxamania Headcover
  • White Leather Maxamania Putter Cover
  • White Leather Maxamania Valuables Pouch
  • 1 dozen ProV1s (@otplefty)
  • Several NLU grab bags (Koozie, Tees, Stickers)

Tickets will be $10 for 1 or $20 for 3. These will be available for purchase during the event, so bring some cash! If you want to pre-purchase any tickets you can also just Venmo me @joshborysiak and we will get them sorted.


With purchase of any number of raffle tickets you will also get a Maxamania gift bag, including Maxamania stickers, tees, and Dunham’s gift cards! This deal is literally too good to pass up.


As always, all proceeds will be donated directly to Max!


You better throw in that Michigan Links magazine too, don’t hold out!

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It was used to add ambiance to the photo. Sorry my man.

Just been having a scroll through this after seeing it was back up & running. Any pics of the merch that was available as the Levelwear store is closed now? Logos look sick, and i’m sure you lot are going to raise tons of scratch for young Max. Good luck!


Just curious as the wife and I are still finalizing logistics. I realize with COVID it’s not much of a destination trip as it might otherwise be, but are any non-golfing significant others coming along?

Guys, I don’t want to get too excited, but this early weather forecast…


Don’t you dare jynx it. It’s Michigan.


If you’re looking for some couple things to do, send me a message and I might be able to help!

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Way. WAY too early, bud


Thanks for the offer - though even if we both come, it’ll be a pretty quick trip for us unfortunately, so not a lot of time to explore. Will likely be coming in late Friday night and take off early Sunday.

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For immediate release.

The undertaker team will now be known as…

The Deadguis

Carry on.

(I’ll be in Michigan this time next week! SWEET!!)