Maxamania I - @ Rackham GC, Detroit, May 22nd 2021 - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!


So, who wants to play some golf Friday? I think we have a few guys that can get us the lower rate at UMGC.

Any other locals willing to host or take the lead on setting up some tee-times?

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I have the Friday off from work and want to play. As for setting something up, I’m stretched a bit thin getting other things together for the event.

Group Golfer has a solid deal for Bello Woods right now. BW is about a 30 minute car ride from the Rack. (Make sure you change the state to Michigan). It’s $20.00 with a cart and there are three 9 hole courses to choose from to play 18.

If enough people purchased them we could set something up there.

I’d play UMGC Friday. I’m an alum and happy to make a couple tee times - although can only do that two weeks in advance.


Looking like I won’t be flying in until Friday so I am not in for golf that day but if you guis end up getting a group together at UMGC, could one of you pick me up a yardage book or something for my BIL (big UM fan)?

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Gui I am bringing is an alum as well, we can fit 2 more in there.

If you remind me, then yes.

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Me and @MrChickPhilA def in for Friday golf and would love to play at UM course. We’re coming in Thursday night and renting a car so we’re good for whatever time!!


I’m willing to support as well. I assume each group needs 1 affiliated player?

I believe that is correct. Last time I went, each person in my group had to answer who they were playing with. Even though we told them at the start we’re all together.

I would be in UM on Friday. Driving up Thursday night.

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I too can probably host a foursome. I’ll have to work that morning though and I work about 1 hour from Ann Arbor so the earliest I could go out is ~2pm.

@dk-87 I thought you could only make tee times 1 week in advance?

I made a google spreadsheet linked below. Let’s have everyone put the names down to start, and then we can figure out times and groupings later. FWIW, the course is walkable but hilly in areas.

Standard is 1 week but pass holders can get 2 weeks. Sounds like we might have a nice mini-outing there that day with everyone showing interest.


I am afraid I will have to remove myself from this event. I have entirely too much planned for the month of may and june between friends getting married and golf trips I just can’t take the time to make this happen unfortunately. I took myself off the spreadsheet.

Handicap is rising due to golf course change. Some people gonna get BODIED against OTP with a 5.6 index


@ChickPhilA @MrChickPhilA

Yes, they have pull carts to rent.

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This guy out here BRAGGING about sandbagging.

I hereby move that all players shall use their 12-month low handicap.

Except for @OTPLefty, who must use 80% of his 12-month low cap.


Awesome I’ll update the chart :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad to put on a quick chipping and pitching demo for anyone with questions. I stink.


I bought my UMGC pass last week. Happy to book a group at the 2 week mark if needed.