Mashed Potatoes. Bababooey.


What do you guys think of the people that follow groups and shout things like mashed potatoes and bababooey? I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it. Why hasn’t saying shit like this been banned from the tour yet?


They are losers that need attention to feel better about themselves.


I think that they believe Portnoy won the US Open.


They deserve to be beaten with rusty nail filled wooden bats, then covered in honey and thrown into a pit of fire ants, before being skinned alive and fired into the sun on a rocket with the words “Scumbag” written on the side of it. Then every record of them ever having existed should be destroyed.


I just always assume the people who yell that junk are the same type of people who are avid Barstool fans and yell the Saturdays are for the boys BS at tournaments too. The worst type of people.

Also similar to the people who sprint to surround someones ball when they miss a fairway.


Preaching to the choir on this topic on this board.


Interesting PGA Stat

99% of the guys who yell this stuff give birth to a Stoolie


LOT of anti-Barstool stuff on this thread. Hate to break it to everyone, but “Mashed Potatoes” and “Bababooey” were here long before Barstool even dipped their toes into golf.


Fuccbois that yell Mash Potatoes and Bababooey should have the tickets pulled. BUT, I’d add a slight caveat: I’d be lying if I didn’t get a chuckle and tremendous joy from a clever, well timed gallery yell. To me, it’s a real risk/reward play at a tournament. If you are going to yell something, yell for the right guy, WELL after impact, and be creative, at least take pride in being a said fuccboi.

I know @Randy and I have always gotten a chuckle from a potential two part tandem yell: “Call The Police…” “…That ball’s MURDERED.”


“McRib is back” at Rory and “You’re wearing Skechers!” at Wes Bryan were both within the exception. Yelling something banal just makes you lame.


Should be automatic ejection and permanent ban. That goes for you da man, get in the hole, or any other inane thing yelled out by bud light swilling mouth breathing morons looking for their moment of audio infamy.

Other than the media’s relentless sycophantic Eldrick worship it’s the most irritating thing in golf.


I think it’s pretty clear even the average golf fan doesn’t enjoy it or think it’s funny. Why do you think the tour has never done anything about it?


Has anyone witnessed fans openly shaming for it? I think it was Dottie not long ago during a broadcast say I wish fellow spectators would speak up and quiet these guys down.


You seem like a blast to go to an event with.

I don’t endorse it, but man, events are supposed to be fun. Everyone goes for a different reason. Let the fans enjoy as long as they aren’t messing with the players or interfering with the outcome of the event.


Someone at Erin Hills last year was yelling out Fried Egg subject lines on the first tee. Might have been Andy for all I know.

We spent the better part of Sunday sitting in the bleachers at the par 3 16th, and there was a guy who was calling out putt results a second after the ball left the putter, i.e “short, right, left etc.” It would have been annoying if the guy wasn’t batting 100% before the ushers stepped in.


Plenty of ways to enjoy golf without spastic kitsch - I was in a green side box when Phil holed out in Houston this year and we all went nuts cheering a great shot. Have some class and decorum and cheer great shots - it really isn’t a hard formula to decipher but it apparently is well beyond the reach of some who would be fit right in at a minor league wrestling match.