Low Cap Privileged (LCP) vs. High Cap Privilege (HCP)

began here:

I acknowledge that given the same social, political, and economic circumstances low handicappers benefit from certain implicit or systematic advantages relative to those differently-enabled.

It is also understood that those with Low-cap privilege are likely blind to this plight and as such, the voice of the high-cap is needed to shed light into this area so we can all improve.

So far we have:
Use of the same or active choice of Premium ball in order to maintain consistent results.

what else


Stepping onto a tee box with only one ball in your pocket, having left your bag halfway down the fairway


Low cap foursome privilege: much faster rounds when you know where the ball is.


Curving the ball away from dominant hazards

invites to more places to play


I don’t like doing that. I even always carry my bag back to the tee. Less pressure.

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  1. Not having to remember which of the fifteen mismatched balls you used off the tee when you go searching in the woods

  2. Generally not having to go searching in the woods


not having to be proficient at arithmetic above the number 5

serious question…I frequently don’t keep a scorecard and just keep track how many strokes over I am…I imagine that becomes difficult at some point.


Along the same vein:

  1. Not having to do the thing when you’re on the next tee trying to figure out whether you got a 7 or an 8 on the previous hole by doing the weird hand-as-shot-motion-ball-count thing

  2. Not having to interrupt the hand-as-shot-motion-ball-count thing to try and remember the precise nature of the penalty you took on your fifth shot

  • When riding, taking just the putter after your approach and say “I’ll walk it”
  • Only needing to carry 6 or less balls in your bag
  • Just a quick wet towel wipe works for cleaning your irons post shot
  • Being able to say “I’ll play whatever tees you want to”
  • Not having to draw uniform squares too often
  • Actually having to choose between a hard 8 or a soft 9
  • “I’ll finish out, thanks”

When you’re riding, the take-just-the-putter-and-walk is such a massive flex on whoever you’re playing with. God. So much power.


Is Tiger at Pebble the most massive example of this particular low cap privilege of all time?


I think Tiger Woods played something like 5 years on tour before losing a golf ball over in the UK.

(This may have been in a Tourist Sauce (Scotland?) video?)

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At that level it works in reverse - pro privilege (let’s call it what it is, Tour Sauce™️) is not having to worry about carrying a dozen balls plus because you get rid of them after a slight blemish.

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This thread is currently the equivalent of a bunch of clan members sitting around patting themselves on the back. Would love a diverse perspective.


hey I was a high capper for like 20 years of my life before I got good. I know exactly what pissed me off most about my good friends haha


being able to box all of your bogeys without feeling like an abject failure

“aw shit, that’s every hole on the front again”

actually thinking “even if i miss the green i can get it up and down outta the bunker”


feeling mild disappointment at making a par


Running your first putt 5’ past doesn’t bother you…means you were being aggressive.