Loopers, the Movie

Has anyone heard anything about this project? It came across my twitter feed this morning, and looks like it could be pretty cool.

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Is it based on the same title from the Reading Room? If so, I’d be very in on that.

Speaking of movies, what ever happened to EAL’s movie, “Be the Ball”? It has been in production ever since he showed up on Youtube.

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I’m going to a showing Friday in Ohio. Looking forward to it.

I’m not sure, but it does use the same title font and styling. I’m guessing it’s “inspired by” since the book is basically Dunn’s memoir, and the movie looks like a documentary about the whole profession.

Got tickets to the showing in MD next wednesday. Looks like it should be a pretty interesting and entertaining film.

Bumping this, as I watched about an hour of the movie on my flight yesterday, didn’t get to finish it. It was great! Made me want to move to Bandon or Pinehurst and become a caddie. Some really great stories and anecdotes in there. They mention the Solich Leadership and Caddie Academy which the Summit supported, learned about the Evans scholarship and I did not know very much about the caddies at Augusta, which was very interesting. It is filled with great stories like Bruce Edwards and Fanny Sunneson as well. Really enjoyed it and would recommend.

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I watched this on my flight two weeks. Immediately upon landing, I reached out to Bandon Dunes, Pinehurst and a few others to inquire about caddying.

I loved everything about this movie.


I watched this on a flight last month and enjoyed it. Particularly the parts with career caddies in Scotland and those at Augusta.

One thing irked me though. In discussing Spieth and Geller and the “Go get that” putt at the Open:

In Loopers, they specifically added subtitles for this, having Spieth ask “Would you get that?” Clearly someone from Spieth’s PR firm felt the brand needed to be protected.

yeah, that was very odd to me, as well.

“please go retrieve that golfball for me, sir” when his lips clearly say “go get that”

I agree with everything stated above. Was a great watch though. Would that be the dream? Just to walk around and shoot the shit on a golf course daily.

Thanks for the reminder. I pre-ordered this a while back on iTunes for $7 and haven’t watched it yet.

Caught it on my AA flight yesterday (s/o @swade). Really enjoyed it, and like others mentioned, I’m currently reevaluating my career options.


Did you hear back lol

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It was fine. Didn’t fall asleep. Didn’t go crazy for it. 6.5 of 10. Maybe 7?

This movie, on the other hand…8 of 10. Highly recommend (no golf.)

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He filmed everything several years ago, well before any of his YT or Adventures in Golf stuff I believe. That being said, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be released anytime soon, tough to get a golf documentary any credit without a name like Bill Murray’s attached (ala Loopers).

I got to attend the premiere in Chicago (shoutout to the Evans Scholars for the invite), and teared up in the theater. The movie captured the essence of what being a caddy is like…really good documentary :slight_smile:

Next time I deadhead somewhere I’ll watch this. Thanks for the heads up, didn’t realize we had this in inflight entertainment

But missed…
The gambling
The drug use
More gambling
Tax evasion

I’m sorry. It just seems really critical to me that any movie about caddies should highlight the elephant in the room. It did not.


They definitely mentioned gambling away a loop-worth of pay on slow days lol
All of us that have done that laughed, while the rest of the audience gave us interesting looks

Also pretty sure tax evasion and alcoholism was mentioned as well, just a little more subtly than some may have wanted :smirk:

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