Looking for a sunday/carry bag


Any recommendations? Pictures and reviews are more than welcomed.


I have been using the sunday bag that comes with club cameron membership this year. Very light and easy to throw over the shoulder.


It’s great and before I used an old ping sunday bag until it finally shredded from so much use.


Also using the 2018 Club Cameron bag. Very high quality, light, good pockets, fits 14 clubs, A+ bag.


Vokey also offers a Sunday bag on their site. It’s the same one as the Scotty Cameron bag but obviously branded differently.



I looked at both of those when i was thinking about making a decision I just didnt love the colors of either


Odd coincidence, but I have that exact same bag listed shown on the Vokey site, just with the generic Titlelist logo - was on super sale at the range at the start of the season. No complaints - but would have preferred a different color combo if paying full price.


If you are flexible with timing, you can be opportunistic and get a Jones bag at a discount. The best deal is 40% during Thanksgiving.

I got mine during a “Blind Draw” sale, where you do not know what you are getting. This could include logos, names, slight imperfections, etc. at $50-60 for the carry bag. Mine was completely stock - weird. I do not know if they are doing one soon, but if you are patient you can try to jump on it.

They may do smaller deals (20%) on major summer holidays, but you can go through last year’s Instagram to get a feel for deals.


I have the Scotty Cameron bag that has already been mentioned here, and I love it, but I wish I had ordered a Mackenzie bag. Those things are straight fire and will last a lifetime.

Happy hunting


also $$$$$$$ not cheap at all


Well, yeah. But you get what you pay for.


Stitch. Worth the $ if you can spend it


Get a giant trash bag and duct tape a few sticks on the inside for vertical support. Makes for a sleek, cheap, and light carry bag. Customize with smaller plastic bags stapled to the outside for your balls/tees etc.


You are not far off - Golf Digest actually had a homemade jeans Sunday bag recipe. Fashionable and functional.


I cruised eBay for a while for Jones Original bags, got one at a steal, tags on. Mine is more of an exception, as the seller listed as a different brand (Wilson or something), but photos clearly a Jones. Anyways, lots of Jones out there, but not always listed as such, and definitely rec.


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I almost spit my drink all over my laptop. So good.


Too bad the Ping hoofer lite added padding and bigger pockets. I have a hoofer lite from 2014 or so and it’s basically a moonlite but adds a stand. Pocket is big enough for half dozen and a sack for a water bottle. Does have a Long side pocket for a jacket. Looking on their site the 2018 is a bit bulky.


I attempted a DIY headcover with Ren and Stimpy dolls. They didn’t turn out so good because I suck at sewing




Late to the party here - you like your Jones bag? holding up okay? I’m in the market and just saw the potential 40% off in a couple weeks.