Logo Theory

Is wearing the course logo on an article of clothing/hat while you’re playing that course the same as the guy who buys and wears the concert T-shirt while attending the concert?


considering many members of private clubs wear their own logos, no

(now if you’re a guest… maybe)


I’d say if its your home course no, if its a course you’re visiting then yes. I also try to limit myself to only 1 logo all together (something about having the same course logo on my hat and shirt makes me feel funny)


Yes unless it’s your home course or a course you play frequently.


If it’s your home course, no big deal.

If at a resort, and you picked up something that morning or earlier in the trip, still not a big deal.

If you’re invited to play at ANGC and show up wearing the gear you bought during your trip to the 2013 Masters, we need to talk.


“Hey, it’s @almostscratchonce, I was wondering if you had a spot in your foursome.”


Sorry, we already have 3 of us.

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I only have an apple mountain shirt because we had a $100 credit on stuff in the pro shop that had the logo on it

damn I need to leave work I just read this as “Lego Therapy” and was like FINALLY, something worth talking about


Interesting takes, I thought there might be a private/home course and resort/trip course split.

Have a friend who always hits the pro shop of courses we’re about to play (non-home courses) and buys some merch to wear during the round. He catches endless shit for it each time but still does it.


Like… you guise have a 9AM time on Saturday, he rolls in at 8, checks in, buys a shirt & hat, then changes into said shirt and hat before teeing off?

Are any of your other friends serial killers?


About getting invited next time?

Old joke…I fired before continuing to read, carry on

Having a buddy wear clothes he just bought from the pro shop is fine. It’s cool if they’re excited. Could not care less.

Now, having to go into the pro shop to buy your friend some new shorts because they sharted on the 9th green and then lobbing the shorts over the bathroom stall wall so they can put them on? That’s another matter.


Sir, no shart requires a change of SHORTS…underwear, definitely possible…

He shit himself


That is interesting. Not just what it is on the superficial surface of anybody (including yours truly) judging that, but presumably he rolls up to these new courses already in golf attire, changes out of that golf attire, changes into new golf attire, and then goes and launches em? Does he change back into his original outfit before hitting the parking lot?

Hey to each his own.


Is this a story? More details pls

This is correct.

Wearing an item from the pro shop because you were ill-prepared (ex: bucket hat, pullover, vest… or even a straw hat, cc @JMcColm) is fine, changing from the polo you wore to the course into a logoed polo, not so great (unless you are changing from a dark shirt into a light shirt again b/c weather)


We’re usually talking about hats or maybe a pullover/vest.

Seen him do it 4x now. I feel like I’m watching a crime being committed. I feel dirty.


The man claims he had too much coffee that morning. All I have are the facts:

  1. He was wearing white shorts
  2. Neither his shorts nor his underwear were ever seen again
  3. He forced me to walk in front of him on the way back to the clubhouse
  4. That shart cost him $65