Live From The Coverage Gap Feedback Thread

Folks. What do you think so far? What’s working and what doesn’t? What would you like to see us do on NBC weekends? We’re open to any and all comments.

I like it so far. It’s been good to see while I’m just scrolling through Twitter to join for a few minutes and hear what’s going on when I can’t actually watch the tourney.

I will say, outside of the gap, I would love to see a post tourney pod each week. Maybe this should be reserved for the podcast thread, but I think a 30-45 minute tourney pod discussing the course and what happened would be great. Shakehouse usually provides that, but would rather tune into you guys doing it.

And if I have been missing them then my bad, just noticed there wasn’t one last week.

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I enjoyed the use of clips today, DJ is good with that stuff (not a fraud). I’m good with the laid back flow. But is socks and proper headwear too much to ask? Also, would enjoy DJ taking questions and reading em off for you guys to rapid fire answer. All things considered I found myself flipping it on when I knew it was time for the gap. Could see it being a staple for me .

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Like it a lot so far. Really don’t think much needs to change as how you guys are doing it. One thing I’d really like is post round periscopes. I always want more after each tournament is over. I know Golf Channel does a post game show of some sort but would def prefer you guys.


I generally like it, but think you’d be better served with a bit more structure. Starting with a recap of the morning rounds in progress and overnight Euro/Web/LPGA coverage, a bit of Q&A, then getting everyone’s predictions on the record as the college hoops game wraps up seems easy. Sprinkling in the Tourist Sauce trailers would be a natural break between “segments.” You could add a @Tron Take of Day as well. Having someone serve as a host to keep everyone on topic might be necessary if you want to go that way. It’s obviously entertaining as it is, and I don’t think you want to lose the laid back vibes or free-flowing nature of everything. For NBC weeks, you could maybe try something shorter as the guys make the turn? I’d also second what’s above regarding a post game show.

You could also look at the Twitter NBA Show which is basically a live periscope providing a 2nd screen experience. The two guys that do it get very deep into the Xs and Os during national TV NBA games. They use the camera on the game clock, so you can “delay” your DVR to match the feed and get their live reactions/analysis. That’s obviously tougher to do in golf, but it’s potentially something to try in the future.

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Liking it. I expected DJ Piehowski truthers at some point but not this early in the season. Good twist. I like DJ just fine but am interested to see how this develops.

Structure is overrated. I like my NLU raw and unexpected. Let me wake up to an iPhone notification that a podcast of Soly interviewing Jack Nicklaus in Bangladesh is waiting for me.


Take off the filter.
Let Young Merchie smoke heaters the whole time. Have Freddie come in and grab Trons mic and compare who makes more sense…him or Faldo.


Agreed on some of these. Keep utilizing DJs producer skills. And mic him up so he can fire off questions that come in through periscope.
I don’t mind the casual attire. Makes it feel like I’m sitting around watching golf and shooting the shit with my buddies. Which I think is the vibe you’re going for.


If you are going to talk to him and he is going to speak you need to Mic dj up. Also a little more focus on the tourney of the week. Maybe take some questions beforhand so you aren’t trying to read the comments flying by. Also drink more please


Big fan. For starters, great concept. There’s no excuse for the coverage gap. I’m glad to see NLU capitalizing on what is otherwise a negative component of golf media.

DJ at the control board seems solid – bringing in the memes, clips, etc., on the fly. I agree he needs a mic (which I think you cured on Sunday’s show). Seems he’s not that big of a fraud after all.

Keep it loose, as you have. But some structure to keep things moving and to ensure that you cover all the topics may be worthwhile. Maybe focus on recapping/commentating on the golf that’s been played at the onset (Euro tour winner, results from the early PGA tee times, etc.). Then, when the NCAA game clock hits a certain number, shift to commentary/takes on what’s to come when the gap is over. Peppering in NLU travel content, trips to the gator zoo, etc., is certainly welcome as well.

Not sure if you have the tech capabilities, but bringing in guests via skype or facetime or whatever could be worthwhile. With KVV at Riv, it could have been informative to get him on the show for on-site takes. Or, if a tour player who likes NLU missed the cut, they could come on and give some insight about the tourney, the layout, etc. (maybe wishful thinking on my end?).

All said, keep doing what you’re doing. I have to think a sponsor will jump on this at some point. Just don’t go with Noah’s Arcade.


Sunday was great. DJ had a mic, memes and video on screen, explaining Uncle Joost, DJs troll, @MerchCzar Bubba impression, Shigeki Marijuana. Excellent stuff.

I would keep it loose and unstructured. @KSigsandKuch said it best. One of the reasons we love NLU is the different style of coverage. Keep it relaxed.

I like the post round recap idea when NBC returns for the WGC. It can be a post mortem from the killhouse…“Killhouse Cleanup”

Not sure how it would interfere with the post-round pod though…I enjoyed the one with KVV today.


Love the idea. Great way to attract golf fans who crave content during the down time. Need Tron to speak louder into the mic so we can here his spicy takes. Maybe have some set topics as well. It’s got a lot of promise though.


I like my NLU raw and unstructured. Already missing the saucies cause of copyright issues. I know as it grows we’ll have to lose some. But reason people love NLU is its as close to our golf buddies as possible.

Is there a way to record them so we can watch if were not around for the live coverage?

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If you go back to twitter after you can watch them in full. The interface isnt great but it works well

Best way is to have the Periscope app. I don’t think replays on Twitter can be viewed after 24 hours has elapsed…or…I’ve never been able to view them.

Any chance today’s with Guthrie can be put up as a pod? Caught only a little, but it was enough that I know I’d like to hear the rest. @djpie @Soly

If it can’t be a pod maybe posted onto YouTube or something similar. I missed yesterday’s (Saturday) Live From and would like to have heard LG.

All these posts about more structure are way OB! Let the content flow like Fleetwood’s glorious mane. The off-the-cuff banter and random hot takes that are suddenly brought to the forefront are exactly what I love about NLU. It makes me feel like I’m sitting sitting with a group of friends having a drink and talking golf.


It’s still visible on Twitter (Periscopes no longer delete after 24 hrs).

The Coverage Gap shows get pretty timely, so we haven’t been putting them on YouTube. However, starting today I think we’re going to transition it into a postgame show, which we’ll post on YT. I think we also have a Web tour pod with LG and another player in the works.

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