Link back to NLU website?

If I am really dumb and missing something, please just delete this and I’ll go buy some Skechers.

But, I don’t think there’s a link from The Refuge back to the NLU main page. Clicking the “NO LAYING UP” logo in the center of the top bar just brings one back to the homepage of the forum. Is it possible to add an additional link potentially titled “NLU Homepage”?

I believe this was mentioned to @McSchvantz in the NLU feedback thread. I want to say that he added it to his to-do list but I can’t be certain.

Ah, got it. There’s probably some difficulty that I don’t understand (different hosts for the website and the forum?), but it seems like a no brainer

It should be pretty easy but he probably forgot.

We’re re-doing the website and will be pumping and linking to it much more prominently once that’s done.


Lacks Pop-up-ads, Can’t Post complaints.


will i be able to search for the escape from pyongtaek from the main page, or will i still need to google that?

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