Lifehacks: Ham experts, please come in, also spanish keyboarding class

At least she’ll know how to properly manage her handicap over the winter.


Tip well at take out - especially if they know you to be a regular. Make sure they know your name and its your when you call in. Food is typically prepared quicker, portions seems to be more generous, once in a while, you may find some cheesecake or arancini slipped in with your order of veal parm and gnocchi…

The Electronic Bay’s make an offer/contact seller is elite. My current 5 wood and hybrid in my bag I got for less than $80 shipped total.

Step 2: Evaluate pricing model.
No way this gui came up with $84 on his own. It was generated by ebay based on other sales.

But a closer look at “completed sales” shows the firuge is 100% too high for this model. If we were talking stroke lab #9, maybe $80 but not for this one…I’ll offer $30.

Because he auto-generated price, odds are he’s auto-generated default price that he’ll accept. Let’s see. Note the “message to seller” field

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As predicted, auto-denied the offer.

Now we go directly to the source via “contact seller” and select “other” and leave a message.


This gui clearly had a point!

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Your guy, Chase is his name, is truly an ELITE source fgor clubs.

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Hey, I was only 1. :slight_smile: I joke about being ancient because the biggest group of refugees is 25-30, right?

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Never buy used golf shoes on ebay. My feet have never felt the same since.

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Buy a nice suit after graduating college, make sure it always fits the rest of your life.

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Done and …well, nevermind

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Skip college, go to tradeschool.

(diesel mechanics are naming their price right now)


oh no @Lazstradamus

I’ve just bought MP-32’s for the 3rd time. Sold them twice previously.


Are you gonna tell him @LacksPopCantPutt or me…

Oh boy…

Yes…decline the magic Aloha Press.

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(opens purchase history… )

@Rob_Roth’s secret sant agift.

The pants I wore with @pushdraw and @matthew823 at Rustic Qualifier for NIT.

San Antonio Duel slacks

And yes, FJ icons. $60 all in.


and the public employee pension funds with Ebay in their portfolios. Win win.


This is a dangerous tangent. Let’s start.

Should a fire fighter who works from age 22-42 be paid more when he retires at 43 until he dies? What about the water facility night manager? What about the dispatcher?