Let's Talk Politics: Like "Adults"

We have other threads that are politics adjacent but nothing that is dedicated to anything and everything politics. I’ll start it off with two questions.

  1. How long until this thread gets locked?

  2. What do you think of The Lincoln Project? Seems to be gaining a ton of steam on Twitter in the last couple of weeks.

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I will say I am a fan of the Lincoln Project and applaud their work. As a former Republican myself, I am happy to see them take an active role.

This thread will be shut down within 24 hours.


I’m sure this will go well.


Haven’t we tried this before? I don’t think it went well.

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Please no I like the Refuge I don’t want it to go away



Seems to be going well so far!


I’m suspicious of the Lincoln Project. I mean, I get that they’re not hiding from the fact that they’re still Republicans, and that’s of course fine. But I do feel like they’re here, trying to get Trump out, and once he’s out…they’ll go back to doing a lot of what Trump wants to do, just a bit more politely and efficiently.

That’s all within their right, of course, it just makes their mission feel a little less honorable to me.


If we all just ignore people with names that rhyme with Sender and Fin Sky this will go just fine!


Too big to fail…

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The Presidential election is going to be shit show. Especially with COVID restrictions and the voting issues a lot of states already had the last few months.


The big question would be where the funding is from.

If the Lincoln Project is truly republicans wanting the party to be republican again, good for them.


Not to mention voter suppression.


That’s a biiiig issue

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I just googled the Lincoln project. Sounds like they are interested in making the Republican Party NOT be white supremacists. This would be the correct thing that needs to happen in America.

There’s always going to be a 50/50 split of liberal/conservative and that’s actually a good thing. The idea that some people have “if I just get my side to win everything then life will be perfect” is basically a lie. The push and pull / checks and balance between things some people say need to get done vs saying “we can’t afford this” is actually a somewhat efficient system, it’s just ugly. So if we can get both liberals and conservatives on the side of black lives mattering - then LFG!


I saw a tweet (I think) that was talking about the ages of those who represent us in the government (and may have touched on this before)

Our two Presidential candidates are 77 (will be 78) and 74 “respectively”. Pelosi is 80. McConnell is 78. The average age of a Congress person is like 58, and average Senator is 62 years old.

Again this is the elected body to represent the United States of America – average age: ~38 years old

I feel like there is a lot to say here, and we’re going to need a “young wave” regardless of political party (also broken) if we’d like to be a part of some real change.


The Lincoln Project are straight up savages, and I mean that in a very complimentary way.


However, the smartest people of our generation are decidedly NOT going into politics.