Let's get physical - 2020 workout and diet challenge

Happy New Year!
This thread is for anyone interested in doing a workout and diet challenge to kickoff 2020.
The basic idea is you accrue points for doing healthy things on a daily basis: working out, staying within a calorie limit, not drinking alcohol etc.

The conversation started on the Workouts and Diets thread and here is where we can hash out the specifics, do weekly check-ins, and help keep each other accountable.


I’m in.

Also in.

Need all the accountability I can get. In.




Let’s do this thing.

Let’s go!!

Down, need to make that final push, I lost 40 last year.


Is this going to be a full year thing?

How does the tracking work all on honor system?

I’d like to drink less

Who’s creating and programming the app to track all this?

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Might need an Excel wizard to help with a shared Google Sheet. Shouldn’t be too difficult to get some formulas set up.

Don’t think it needs to get too complicated with ways to get points.

I don’t know if I’ll participate with the points thing, but I’ll be as in as one can be otherwise.

I’ve gone into a place twice (with a much longer wait for drive thru, which I feel is questionable/bad decision making), but as of Thanksgiving I have not gone through a drive thru in my car for any food, which is my biggest snag, financially and diet…arily?

I’ve started doing some yoga with Adriene on YouTube and am careful to go to the gym no more than 3 times a week to start. I tend to go hard and then burn out spectacularly. Need to dial in the diet now that the holidays are over. I’m looking forward to what this thread can become. I could stand to lose 30-50, if not more

So when I did this last year I found what works best is to keep the scoring simple, focused on what you want to accomplish, and for the most part positive (gaining points as opposed to losing points, though that can be a component)

We’ve had some discussion on the Workouts and Diet thread and here is a distillation of the basic ideas people have put forth. These are up for debate and once we get everyone in then we can hammer down any changes/additions/deletions:

-Start Monday, January 6th and run for 6 weeks ending on Monday, February 17th

-Weekly check-ins every Monday for the previous week’s point tally

10 points for:

  • Each day you workout - a 20 minute run, lifting, walking 9/18 holes of golf, shoveling for 30 minutes, going for a two mile walk etc.
  • Each day you don’t consume alcohol (though we could also include vaping/cigarettes/gambling on golf or any other vice you might want to stop doing)
  • Each day you stay within a set caloric level
  • .10 loss in body fat % - so measure body fat on the first and last day of the competition and then add up the points at the end. This could be a sensitive topic so we could simply say the % change at the end.

2 points for:

  • Reading a book, charitable works, other things approved by the group

-10 points:

  • If have more than 4+ drinks in one day

5 extra points for:

  • Working out the day after you have 4+ drinks

Lets try to get all these details settled by Saturday, Jan 4th.
Also, if someone is skilled at setting up an Excel spreadsheet that might be the easiest way to keep track - each week people just add their point totals in.


I’m in, could stand to shed the gut I’ve come to acquire since college

How do you go about measuring this? Most people don’t have calipers or a body fat scale

This sounds like a great idea, I am in… I will be losing 10 points a week on Tuesdays lol. I play in a pool league and we are at a different bar every week