Learning to Play Left-Handed or Right-Handed

I’ve been thinking about this alot lately, and wanted to get your thoughts on learning how to hit a club from the opposite side? Are there a lot of people out there who play righty, but putt lefty? Vice versa? Are there any benefits to learning how to hit the opposite way from your natural handedness?

With the quarantine going on, I was thinking now would be the best time to learn how to hit a ball left-handed; even if its just to be able to hit a ball left-handed to get out of sticky situations. I think Justin Thomas had to hit left-handed once last year at the BMW Championship, to get out of a bad lie/situation?

Let me know your thoughts!

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I putt lefty on my mat all the time because one of my putters is two-sided. From 6 feet and in I put up similar numbers, but haven’t really had a chance to try it on the course yet. I really want to buy a cheap lefty set, or just a few clubs, to swing with and try out, though.

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I know a few guys who putt left handed but play right handed, all pretty solid low single digit/scratch guys.

As far as learning to hit shots left handed for the random escape shot that is completely asinine, Justin Thomas hit 2902 full shots and one of those he hit left handed. Why would you waste your time to practice that.

If you want to learn for fun why not, I fuck around and hit my buddies righty clubs at the range occasionally but practicing it as a way to improve your game to get out of bad lies is insane

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Honestly, I think it was more curiosity and the need to satisfy that curiosity of whether it would improve my overall game or not. Also, the curiosity if there are actual players out there who putt opposite handedness from what they hit with their other clubs.

@gatorz7888 has some strong opinions on this

Yes, hello, I believe you’ve just called my name! Righty that does everything right-handed, except putts left-handed here!

My dad gave me one of those old double sided gold colored putters that almost looks like a mini-golf putter when I was a toddler. Always lined up left-handed. My dad was an incredible high school baseball player, but knew he couldn’t really do anything in college and beyond because he was too small, so he quit playing baseball; however, he wanted me to get into it. I threw the baseball right-handed and swung the bat right-handed. I ended up not getting into baseball; it was too slow for young me. I preferred soccer way more. When it came time for my dad to buy me a set of clubs, he weighed whether to buy my a lefty or righty set, but chose righty cause I swung the bat righty. And then I’ve just never stopped putting lefty.

Are there any benefits?
Not sure/inconclusive. It is just something that I’ve always done; however, @davidc and @Mattyeds can vouch for me when I say I can get hot rolling the rock. I’ve long said I’m a 10 that has the full swing of a 20 and the short game of a scratch. I think it might get me into a different mindset on the greens?

There are definitely times that pulling my lefty putter out to hit a lefty shot next to a tree or something is very handy, though!!


A good friend off mine plays off 1 and in his mid 20’s got the severe putting yips. I have never witnessed anything like it. He couldn’t put a stroke on the ball. The only cure was that he learned to putt left handed. He is absolutely deadly with the flatstick now and still plays to hc 10 yrs on…

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@Hala-Mark-Rey Also interesting here - @MrVinegar206 putts “conventionally” (i believe) lefty, meaning right hand above left. Any time I’ve thought about putting lefty, its been in the context of marrying the concept of left-hand low for righty’s - I’d feel more comfortable going “right-hand low” (essentially keeping my normal righty grip, but get the stable lower wrist benefit using a lefty putter).


Correct, normal lefty grip (left hand below the right) on the putter for me

Really what hit me was your distance control (which i believe is the most important piece of putting). Think going lefty has an impact on the consistency of your pace?

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cc: @SliceyMcShankerston, here you go!

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Since I’ve always putted lefty, it’s hard to say, personally.

However, there may be some merit to it. Some people switch up crosshanded and standard grip for lag putts vs. short putts.

So youre talking about the left hand below the right hand on the putter, but still putting as a righty? As opposed to that same grip, but facing as a lefty would?

So I have a conventional righty grip and putt righty, just like our good friend TW


But a lot of righty’s find a benefit in going “left hand low” - this keeps the left wrist locked and helps you not to pull putts or get too “wristy.”


What I’m saying you could try is get a left handed putter, use the same grip in #1 (which will probably feel more comfortable), but get the benefit of #2.

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Funny to see this. My dad actually grew up playing right handed. Natural lefty but a lack of lefty clubs led to him playing right handed. However, he had to have surgery which led to him going to left handed. He swing left handed and putts right handed. Also, he is the only person I know of that has a hole in one from both sides of the ball. Not much learning info but just my two cents.

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I see what you are saying!

So, who has a left-handed putter they are willing to sell me? :slight_smile:


Love this thread. As those in the south-paw thread would’ve read, I’m kind of all over the place in terms of which hand I use… Throw right, bat left, golf left, kick right, shoot left, dribble better right, scissors right, eat left, box right, write left.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve always wondered if I would have been better at certain things if I would have started from the other side. Ex: My basketball shot actually looks much better in terms of form RH but I’ve just always shot left. This has applied to golf as well. There’s been a few times where I’ve actually used a friend’s RH club whether due to water/tree being in my way or just messing around and the result has actually been pretty damn good the majority of the time. WITH THAT BEING SAID, I am definitely not going to try building an entirely new swing from the RH side for the foreseeable future but I AM looking into trying to putt RH as I’ve mentioned on Silk Road a couple of times. Could be the quarantine talking but what better time to at least work on the stroke? Can’t be much worse than the 35 putts per round I’m putting up from the left side.

P.S. Still looking for an inexpensive RH mallet putter if anyone wants to pass the torch and assist in this new putting endeavor.

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I’m left handed but swing a bat/hockey/golf all right handed. learned from right handed pops. tried putting left handed for one season. it looks much better when addressing the ball / feels like you are more easily lined up , something to do with eye dominance I’m sure. but just couldn’t get used to it. iirc isnt there something unique about a golf swing when a right handed swinger has a stronger left side?

I do everything left handed, except golf. I started playing in college by taking an intro to golf class at San Diego St. Once a week we’d go to Singing Hills Golf Club where they had an 18-hole par 3 and 36-holes of championship golf. Anyway, the golf instructor told me that I should learn to play righty since I didn’t know what the hell I was doing anyway and it would be way cheaper in the long run due to availability of used clubs. I have to say, it was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given. Not just cause of all the options of used clubs, but the availability of YouTube videos and golf digest tips that are all given in the lens of a right-handed golfer.

Funny how I’m completely comfortable swinging a baseball bat left-handed, but can’t figure out how to swing a golf club from the left side.

This is exactly me. I’m 100% left handed except for golf (so, 99.9%?). For that reason. It was just easier to find clubs when I was learning the game.

I still think I should be better at swinging left handed and I try it all the time when I’m faced with a shot that I can’t get to in my normal right handed stance. But I’m horrible at it. I’m horrible from the normal right side as well, but we don’t need to talk about that here.

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