Lawn Psychopaths

Since we have derailed a few threads, I thought we could start having meetings in this thread.

“Hi, my name is Matt, and I have a problem.”





Reposting this here. This area was formally overgrown landscaping from the previous owners which we cleared out and put in grass seed last summer. I have these leafy weeds growing all over my yard but only in the areas where we put in the new seed. I’m wondering if it is actually plants from the landscapes area we removed?

What the heck do I do?

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Very well could be an annual or perennial that was previously planted.

Love the thread. Subscribed.

I run a Simplicity Broadmoor with a 44” deck with rollers. Makes lovely stripes, especially when the lawn takes to the fert and gets super dark green.

Aaron. And yes, I have a problem too. But I love it.


First picture is wild daylillies that have sewn into your grass. 2nd is a tulip from a bulb.

Both are perennials. The wild sewn daylillies I would eradicate. Lots of people plant bulbs in their grass and mow around them in the spring. Once they lose their flower just mow them and you’ll never know they were there. (until the next spring)


Nevermind, I just saw your seeding was last summer. Kill those things.

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What is that, like a triple-single pattern?

It’s a single/double pass which creates the diamonds in the last pic I posted.

so I go: | up | down-down | up | in a diagonal, then go 90* on the opposite diagonal:


Right on, I just couldn’t tell if it was a double or triple.

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Scag turf tiger. The striping kit for would make @jimithng23 go wild. Unfortunately we don’t keep it on as it’s just too big of a hassle.

This is what the lower part of my lawn will look like by the end of the month. Usually can’t mow it till memorial day because of how wet it gets. Footing drains and leach fields all go right to there.

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Man, I’d turn that into a wildflower field.

and Scags are legit

I wish I worked/commuted less during the week so I could spend more time in the lawn.

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I only have about 4,000 sq. ft. of turf, so it is hard to justify a new bigger mower, although I would love a 30" Toro Timemaster. So for the next year or two, my rig is a 21" Honda HRR2169VKA + CheckMate Striping Kit.


Last month: doubled my concrete patio out back.
Last week: backyard sod replaced. Overseeded & ertilized entire yard.
This week: concrete curbing around my front beds and tree.
Next week: 8(!) trees for privacy:

  • 12’ Red Sunset Maples (2)
  • 8’ Columnar Blue Spruce (2)
  • 12’ Columnar White Pine (4)

Few weeks: the purdy stuff (Rhododendron, Hydrangeas, Catmint, Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, etc.)

Just hemorrhaging money.


Tracking… my brother and I have been daydreaming the renovation of his lawn for months now.

I’m glad this thread was created.

I think I need to go through top dressing process with my lawn. It’s very firm, dark soil as we live in a river valley. Northern climate - 46 latitude so my window is just starting to open to do something about it. The yard is very firm and very bumpy. Now that snow has melted you can see a lot of worm holes. Should I also work through an insecticide process? Is it more about getting more sand mixed into the soil and adding more of both to build up the top layer properly again? As a result, it’s also patchy grass coverage overall. I also can tell I need to backfill around the foundation and just make sure I’m properly graded away from the house.

I have tried to get a couple quotes and many local guys don’t want to mess with this type of work because they make more in less time doing new construction grading and other dirt work.

I’m looking for resources to read through the process or watch videos. I imagine I’ll need several yards of sand and screened black dirt. Most equipment I imagine I can rent (e.g., dethatcher, aerator, etc.).

Anyone here have experience or advice for doing this?

You’ll be handing this mower down to your grandson.

I too, would like a Toro TimeMaster. My current Toro 22" is 12 years old. It has been a major workhorse. Last year we needed to do some engine work but it’s still going like a champ.

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Check out this dude. He has a few videos about top dressing the lawn


Another issue I’m having is that the back of our lawn sits in a low lying area and just pools water like crazy. Anything I can do to combat this?