Last Thing You Buiied

Got some good stuff from the Handmade Shit thread and Seamus

Going into the year, needed a big upgrade on the headcover situation. A collection of hand-me-downs wasn’t very appealing to my eye.


I acquired some fabric and flannel on the electronic bay and @brutalbaum was able to put together these beauties.



Also got a Seamus 3 wood headcover I loved, a Pinehurst 4 hybrid cover in the right color after a delightful round there last year, and the Nest headcover (this may get left out)

The bag can look like this (going through a wood/hybrid transition, don’t judge me for having 4 woods I can’t hit my 4 iron).


and the coup de grace of wokeness. The Seamus x Handmade Shit Sunday Bag



They are true sizing, wider by design especially in the toe box.

I’ve been wearing them all day which included a hour lesson. Insane comfort level.

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Because of the Seamus bag I will give this an update even though I attended the 1989 Sugar Bowl and hated The U.

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Since we are posting headcovers are mine woke enough?


I regret not getting that dormie club fairway one last summer


I didn’t buy it, then on my way out of town on the Sunday I went back over to Dormie Club alone just to buy it. I usually play Sunday morning then have about a 7 hour drive home, so delaying that drive meant that headcover was really working on my mind. ha ha

Dormie club has the best tees, too. I’m out or I’d post a photo.


I’m almost out. Will probably take my last ones out of the bag for the collection

My guy Blood, Sweat and Thread on Instagram made this out of the actual carpet a few years back, pretty damn awesome


They are pretty sweet.




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my uncle decided he was not into these stiff c.taper lites in his PXG 0211 along with the stiff driver 3wd and 5wd he had picked up within the last year, so he offered to sell them to me for the price of shipping so today the set showed up. they look great, just gotta shorten the shafts and regrip tomorrow. very stoked.


Have you ever told yourself: “Wow, I’m hitting the ball way too well. How can I make the game more punishing?”
@ Golf Talk
Me neither, but I went ahead and did it anyways. Courtesy of @KC_Badger
Silk Road of The Refuge - Entertain us. Story, Rug, Pets, Price


Mr. @KC_Badger was kind enough to spoil me with 2 Day shipping. But someone must have caught wind of these things along the way, and took them for a joyride, but who can blame them??

After a battle of the class acts, trying to figure out which USPS employee was on a week long golf trip, they had arrived…

Hitting a couple last night, it was like being reborn. Not as a phoenix triumphantly rising from the ashes, but rather as a newborn deer learning to walk
deer1 .
A few swings, shanks, and some choice words later… I did it… I found the microscopic sweet spot… and it was magical… a few more swings to make sure it wasn’t a fluke… and I have filled a hole in my heart I didn’t know existed…

As I knew we made the match, I took these beauties to survey their new kingdom.

One final task, I needed to consult my Lord and Savior Mr. Boh, to ask Him to bestow good graces on our newly formed union.

He gave me His blessing as only He does.

If you need me, I’ll be high-stepping my way around B’more.


USPS must be getting into golf more. Have a iron set build on hold for ferrules and they’re going all over the south. (Note: I live in Charleston, SC)


Yikes! Hope they enjoyed their time in Charleston!


These new guys are waiting patiently, much more so than I. Placed the order back in Feb/Mar and I’m jonesing to get these in play.



I enquired for European availability. End of september…perfect for the winter

Yeah, I could’ve used these at the end of May. I’ll get a solid month and half in.

Tried to look around at these before and see what they ran people normally? I couldn’t ever find a number or rough estimate.

Just picked up a set of Titleist Tour Model Blades off of Craigslist for what I think was a screaming deal. 3-PW. I think these are the 1980 model, but correct me if you know better. S300 shafts with tour wrap grips in decent shape. Think I’ll pull and clean up the shafts and get some BB&F bling on them. In solid shape for their age with a bit face rusting especially on the shorter irons.