Last Thing You Buiied

What was the most recent golf related item you picked up? From a well-researched push cart to a rash decision eBay Buy It Now putter that was too good to pass up and might just be the missing link to living under par, share it here.

Traded in my Ping G10 for a new-to-me GBB Epic Subzero. It would be nice to say I was a hyper-informed shopper, but it was going straight and far and I wanted it.


5 dozen Yellow Pro V1s from

Cobra f9 driver with an oban shaft. Got fitted and it was the winner. Fucking love it.


Before the round of golf yesterday morning…2 dozen Srixons (yellow…my first foray in to yellow) as part of their BOGO deal

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2018 sun mountain canvas leather stand bag. Love the look of the Jones/Mackenzie/Stitch minimal bags but wanted the function of a more tech stand bag. They were having a sale on last years model for 225$ And I love my current sun mountain so figured I’d take the chance.


Callaway Rogue 5 wood off Callaway pre owned.
$79 plus tax and shipping.

Five Scotties from a dude who advertised having two for sale…whoops


Some gently used Srixon 785s off eBay.


That bag is sweet. Love my Sun Mountain, but that canvas takes it up a notch.

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Evnroll putter

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Megabucket from NLU

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An overpriced TBC bucket


Yep definitlely a notch up in style vs the giant sun mountain logo on the side and the nice cream and brown leather. Worried about the light color canvas getting dirty really quick though.

Belt. I lost my old one. So I got a new one.


Do you buy into the science of it all? Like can you tell a difference on mishit putts? I’ve been eyeing them also.

These beauties to create more tee options. Regret selling my old 712u 3 a few years ago and the universe brought me something even better.


BCN Patch


10 (supposedly 2018) TP5X lake balls for £20.

New lid.

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Been eyeing these… seen some 4-PW sets out there for ~500 bucks. Great purchase!