Las Vegas Golf Recommendations

I travel to Las Vegas several times a year for work and often have time to tee it up while there. One of my favorites is Paiute (Sun Mountain and Snow Mountain, playing The Wolf in 2 weeks), any courses that I should be looking at as well?

Paiute is always a great call. If you can get get access to private clubs then South Shore and Southern Highlands are top places.

If you don’t mind the drive, Coyote Springs is in a similar style to Paiute. A Jack N signature with devilish greens.

Reflection Bay is very cool but keep an eye on the reviews.

For a budget round Chimera and Boulder Creek are good fun.

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Played the Wolf myself. Loved it. Paiute is the only place in Vegas I don’t begrudge giving money to!

Not so fussed on the rattlesnakes though! :flushed:

When are you there? I am headed down Feb 28th, think I am going to play the Wolf.

We are playing The Wolf on Sunday the 25th, I am in town until the 28th and then back on the 2nd until the 6th


TPC Las Vegas was a fun track with some nice views. Played there this past December and asked to be paired up with a couple members which worked out quite well. Unless you are renting a car definitely go the Uber route to get out there vs. taxi as it’s 1/3 the cost.

I also visited the Las Vegas Top Golf location - not a bad way to warm up the night before. Isn’t exactly cheap but a worthwhile experience if you’ve never done it.

I relocated to Vegas for work 3 years ago. A few suggestions :

  • LV National - old school parkland course looks nothing like a typical vegas track . lots of history with Tigers 1st win , the rat packs home track etc
  • Bears Best - Jack N’s fav hole designs of his courses west of the miss river or something like that
  • Rhodes Ranch - great track
  • Red Rock Arroyo course - originally designed as the 2nd 18 at Red Rock CC
    These are all roughly the same price point - LEt me know If i can be of assistance with resident rate booking for a little deeper discount.

Is Bali Hai any good?

I think I read that Bali Hai is closing. Play it before it’s gone. The others will be there when you get back. I wish I had done that with the Wynn course, regretfully.

I played Paiute (Wolf and Snow) in an impossible wind and still loved my experience there despite the Uber trip there and back, so for anyone else reading this, buy the Golfapalooza package and do two courses. You’ll love it.

And I know I’ll get killed for this by someone, but if you can, splurge on the Shadow Creek experience. I loved it and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Note, you need to stay at an MGM property.

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I know they play a Las Vegas Amateur tournament on the Paiute courses - I’ve been meaning to burn a timeshare week or two and play in that.

I’ve played Bali Hai several times due to the convenience of its location. Each time I just found it meh…I enjoyed the Wynn, liked the layout, but man it wasn’t worth the cost. We are playing Paiute on Sunday, really looking forward to it. Most likely going to play there the following weekend as well

Edit: I provide this with the added note to only “do it once”

Shadow Creek was a 21st birthday gift so while I can’t say I actually paid for it, my father and I found it very worth it.

Cascata is a bit away from the strip, but is a wonder in golf course construction. How they carved out a course in that mountain is beyond me. Was fun to play and had a majestic clubhouse entrance. Less than Shadow $ wise

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If anyone in this thread just so happens to be in Vegas on Saturday March the 24th I’ll be in town and hope to play a round that day. Thinking Paiute or Cascata. Let me know!

Will be in Vegas this weekend and have time for a round Monday morning. Would like to stay close(ish) to the strip. Would you say LV National is the play? I was initially looking at Desert Pines, but haven’t seen it get any love.

Desert Pines is a solid track for a reasonable price… also enjoyed Royal Links

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I agree , Desert pines is nice and Is always in great condition. Both courses will be approx the same rate within $5-$10. It really depends on the style of course you prefer. DP is definitely a desert course. Sorta links style short holes mostly.with very “slopey” greens. National is more of an older style classic design with lots of trees - you wouldn’t know you were in vegas if it weren’t for the view on some holes.

If you have played vegas golf before I’d play national for the change , the landmarks on the course indicated on each tee adds to the experience.

You cant go wrong with either for the price.

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Well it’s official. I’ll be playing the Wolf course at Paiute this Saturday and then paying an exorbitant amount to play Cascata on Sunday. From experience I know there’s worse ways to spend time and $ in Vegas with less value!

Any tips from those familiar with these tracks appreciated. Will post my feedback to this thread after I get back.

Wolf was fun but tough on the day we played. It was 45 and windy, by the time we made the turn the wind died down and the front 9 was much more enjoyable. Course was in great shape, had a frost delay so we started on the back. Never really found trouble with the exception of a spectacular hosel rocket on 13. Greens were fast, 3 jacked a few. Big ol’ fan of Paiute.

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Great course you will enjoy it as long as the forecasted winds of 40 mph hold off!

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Out in Vegas again for work, here until Sunday. How was Cascata?