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Can’t say I have ever noticed an excessive use of fuck, probably says enough about my own language…


This needed its own thread? In that case…


This is a bold take. Possibly a new disciple of the TC Way? Gotta say I’m not sure it’s going to go over too well, but kudos for taking a chance.

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Agree, it feels forced in my opinion. Like they are intentionally trying to be “edgy.” Puke.

your handle is Slasher and your avatar is a Slayer symbol


Well I used to be “DrinkSmokeGolf” but I got banned until May 24, 3019.
And I happen to like Slayer. Hope that clears it up for you.

Your new Nest tag is straight fire. (Not like Fyre fest, though.)


I feel that the pod does a great job of not letting it slip down to the level of 4 guys sitting around in a frat house, specifically with re to women. (yet close enough to keep it really fun!!) Many times it would be easy to throw in a boob or butt reference, but I recall no instances of such a blunder. Well done! Keep it classy!

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they’re a very good band

I thought of it upon hearing your shoutout on today’s Nest pod

It’s mega scwamdow purina, for sure.

I for one have zero issues with any of the language used on the pods. I’d actually like to hear more use of “wanker” and “cunt” just because they sound funny with an American accent.

Okay, only one way to sort this.

  • Don’t say fuck, it’s a c**t of a word
  • No whistle, play on

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stop with the bloody anonymous polls

Presented without comment:

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I can see who has voted & how. Can others not?