Landmand GC - Shadowy Figure on a Grassy Knoll

Theres a Palmer course in Sioux City that isnt too bad, its private, but i think you can get on.

and a 9 holer that looks kinda fun from the highway, but i’ve never heard anything about it.

what were you doing in Crofton? Thats my wifes old stomping grounds

My brother got a Siberian Husky from a kennel out there.

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@aannddyy00 Your second link, Old Dane, is the Andersons’ current course. I played it two weekends ago in a two-man scramble; it was a blast, and the greens were PURE!


oh cool! i had no idea. like i said, i’ve only driven by it, but it looks like a lotta fun

I agree Old Dane is a cool one. Worth the stop next time anyone is going that way.

Pumped for Landmand and hope they go the walking only route!

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I don’t. I really hope they push for more walking, but with someone with a wife that loves to play, but refuses to walk, walking only really reduces my opportunities for playing.

There is really only one course in the state that actively pushes for walking (OCC), and they have BY FAR the best caddy program as well.

Hoping for the best but I’m a little concerned about a few things.

  1. Everyone keeps talking about how it has over 200 ft of elevation change compared to only 60-80 ft at Sand Hills as if that’s a great thing, but I’m not sure it is. I think Sand Hills has the perfect amount of elevation change to create drama and variety without resulting in an arduous walk or severe approaches. Alister MacKenzie said “The greens and fairways should be sufficiently undulating, but there should be no hill climbing.” Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, I just hope that Rob and Tad don’t go over the top with the routing.

  2. The fact that a good chunk of architects passed on the land. And David Kidd thought it was too extreme.

  3. The unfortunate news that the owner reached out to Fazio and Scott Miller (who?) before King-Collins and the Big 3. Thankfully, some owners are hands-off but they are the boss and have the final say on everything. Who knows how many courses were hindered by overzealous owners who couldn’t get out of their own way.

  4. Ok, this will be very unpopular but I’m going to be honest. I understand this is unfair and I completely understand the motivation but I was a little disappointed to see that they want it to be pretty affordable. I know, I know, that sounds elitist, but if I’m traveling to the middle of nowhere in Nebraska I want the best course possible and I don’t care if it’s $250. I understand that would exclude some so I get it, but speaking selfishly, I don’t care how much it costs. Obviously there are great courses like Sweetens that are affordable so it may not matter, but I would rather see King-Collins work with every available resource imaginable. I just don’t want Rob and Tad to be constricted by anything like worrying about the cost of maintaining blowout bunkers on a windy site and so forth.

I apologize if it seems like I’m being negative, I am truly excited about this project and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


I agree with you. Bayside in Ogallala is a perfect example. Front 9, not too extreme, fun 9 holes. Back 9, extreme and possibly the worst 9 holes in America.


That looks so sick

I rate this project :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


I can understand some concern.

  1. When I compare the elevations, I do so talking about the scale of the property. But I don’t anticipate K-C using 200’ feet of elevation change over singular severe approaches. I think some of Sand Hills best holes feature good elevation changes: 1 approach 27’ uphill, 3 is 15’ down, 14 approach from L is 20’ uphill, 16 tee ball 50’ down, 18 approach 35’ uphill. I anticipate Landmand GC will have similar shots; but I agree, it can’t get much more drastic than that. I think the rest of the elevation changes will just add to the overall scale of the property and ambiance.

  2. In regards to daily fees, I think $75 is awesome! This isn’t Mullen, but it is still relatively remote: 20 minutes from Sioux City (pop. 82,000), 100 minutes from Omaha (pop. 467,000). At least at the beginning, I don’t think $100+ fee structure is sustainable for something like this, especially if it will be walking-only. I don’t want to speculate what K-C is charging or whether they’ll be constricted. I’m just excited to see them getting their (first?) shot designing/building an 18-holer on a incredible piece of land.


where are you getting walking only? theres not a chance this will be walking only, nor should it be

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We like this!


Yeah, I like to walk but if I go down it’ll be fore 36 per day and I’m not walking 36 on a 7,000 yard course with 200 feet of elevation change and I’m sure I’m in the majority there.


7 foot swale biarritz to a punchbowl, mother of cod. :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:




All of the pictures of this land looks like it’s going to be pretty damn incredible. Will be interesting to see them flex their guns on a full 18 holer after doing these two 9 holers that have instant cult followings


Sounds like Andy Johnson from the Shotgun Start was around Sioux City yesterday. Guessing he went to check out the land and maybe a new The Fried Egg Golf podcast coming to discuss it.