Lake Tahoe Trips

What’s up guys and gals. I’m taking a honeymoon to Lake Tahoe this summer and my beautiful bride to be is allowing me to get out and stretch my legs on some of Lake Tahoe’s finest golf courses that have a lot of bang for the buck. Golfadvisor says Edgewood, Old Greenwood, and Gray’s Crossing are best. I’ve also seen Lake Tahoe GC was very reasonable as well as Genoa Lakes the Lakes and Ranch courses respectively.

Any and all recommendations/invitations to play would be greatly appreciated!

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Congrats on the impending nuptials. Where exactly are you planning on staying what at Lake Tahoe? It can easily take an hour (or more) to get from one side of the Lake to the other during the summer months. How many rounds do you plan on playing and how much of the day do you plan on devoting to golf? Also what are you looking to get out of your rounds? Do you want to play the best course regardless of cost or drive time or do you just want to get out and soak up the mountain air while not being overly worried about playing the best of the best?

Most of the highly regarded courses (Old Greenwood, Grays Crossing, Shaffers Mill, Coyote Moon, etc) are in the Truckee area.

South Lake Tahoe only really has one highly ranked course in Edgewood and a couple cheaper options in Lake Tahoe Golf Club (cheapest regulation length 18 in tahoe) and Tahoe Paradise (short quirky and cheap 4000 yards par 66).

Genoa Golf resort is down in Nevada, probably 45 minute drive from South Lake Tahoe.



I did my honeymoon in Tahoe as well. No golf as I had a pretty limited vacation due to my old job, but a great place. Make sure you stop into Truckee, some great restaurants.

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good options youve got there. the incline village champions course and coyote moon are good options also. Schaffers mill and martis camp are prob the best but tough to get on. Pass on squaw valley or northstar unless you get a good twilight rate.

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depends on if you’re at north shore or south shore because there’s about an hour drive between the 2, the only course I’ve played there was incline village which was nice & considering I live like an hour from tahoe I should probably play up there more often

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I played Coyote Moon and loved that course. Highly recommend

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Like others have said, I need to know more info about where you’re staying before giving a decent recommendation.

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And from my experience there last summer, not a fun drive.

Thanks! I think we’re planning on staying at Edgewood. Not 100% booked in stone, yet. Supposed to come in Sunday and head out Friday. I’d like to play at least a round a day, maybe 2 if there are 2 close courses or there’s a good playback rate but I also can’t afford to be playing Edgewood everyday for a $275 green fee.

Haven’t figured out logistics of getting around Tahoe yet, but I can’t say I’m against an hour drive for good play. Usually have to drive 30 mins to an hour to find a good 18 hole course where I live anyway.

it’s a better drive if you’re in the passenger seat & not having to pay attention to the road

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I’m guessing it’s not an hour on farm to market roads or the freeway like it is here in Texas?

Let’s just say I want to stay on the South side all but 1 day I get to play golf

Edgewood is fantastic and is a must play. I have also played Genoa Lakes Ranch course and really enjoyed it. The drive isn’t really that far from Edgewood/South Tahoe area. It is a nice course, that when we played was in great condition (August '19), in the bang for your buck category.

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Ok I good to know. I also see you say in the title you are coming in June/July. Do you have the date nailed down? Just as a heads up 4th of July is one of the busiest times around the lake and the week after that is the American Century Golf Tournament at Edgewood and it is probably an equally busy time period, not to mention the course will be closed down.

Obviously play Edgewood.

Edgewood is as close as you can get to Genoa at about 30 minutes. I haven’t played and it’s supposed to have 2 good courses. That said t it’s certainly a different type of course than you’ll find around the lake. High dessert. Views of the backside of the Sierra Nevada but it’s a different feel. If you want to stick with the mountain vibe I’d pass on this one. If you want something a little more wide open and different style to play, they have good deals on tee times here:

Lake Tahoe Golf Course is fun inexpensive course in the area. About 20-30 minutes from Edgewood depending on traffic. It’s not the most interesting course in the world but it is fun, flat, and pretty wide open. Views are outstanding as with all the mountain courses.

Tahoe Paradise Golf Course is short and quirky. It’s just down the road from Lake Tahoe Golf Course. Fun and short, not really a destination course but it’s still a quick enjoyable round. Some “tight tight” parts of this property. Could certainly get away with a half set or 3 club thing here.

You are about 35-45 minutes to Incline Village, they have 2 courses there a championship course and a shorter par 58 course.

Kings Beach up around the north side of the lake is about 45-60 minutes from Edgewood has a cool old 9 holer called Old Brockway. A fun play and the original site of the Crosby Clam Bake. It’s a fun course if you are in the area. The C Suite did a short video about it.

I’ll can’t add much input on the Truckee area courses as I haven’t played any of them. Lots of good options up there. Just farther away from South Lake.

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Glad to hear it! Thanks for the input

Great stuff here! I appreciate it. I think we’re flying in on the 28th and leaving the 3rd. (Have to get back for my own Member-Guest tournament on 4th of July weekend haha)

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Make sure you get a “Wet Woody” at Gar Woods on the lake. Great view and good food.


In that regards he you can make it over to The Beacon for a few rum runners I highly recommend.



any idea if the Rum Runner Cruise is worth the money?

I’ve never been on it but if you want to get out on the lake and have some drinks it might be a good way to go.

I just saw you mention about being a member of a private club. I don’t know if it’s possible but if you can somehow get your pro to get you a time at Clear Creek that would be a course to go play. Coore & Crenshaw course that looks siiiiiiick!