Lake Havasu, AZ -- January 2019


Hey guys,

I will be traveling to Lake Havasu in Arizona with my girlfriend’s family the second weekend in January. She said it’s a casual trip, with lots of down time and doing stuff on our own, which of course means golf.

So any course recommendations in the area? Willing to drive. anything beyond 4-5 hours driving is probably a no for me dawg, but certainly willing to drive 2 hours. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


My father and I played Emerald Canyon Golf Course in Parker 2 years ago. It is a true canyon course. Super tight in areas and lots of blind shots over or around walls. Not wide at all. Decent shape.

There isn’t much golf in the area, and Lake Havasu isn’t the greatest (not that you have a choice). We had some fun on some wave runners.


Phoenix to Lake Havasu is 3 hours and 15 minutes, so within your range, however there is an excellent golf course in Wickenburg (2 hours and 30 minutes) called wickenburg ranch that i’d look up. Going in January means you’re paying peak prices almost everywhere, so be prepared there. Other option is one of the best public courses in AZ in Quintero, which is about 3 hours.


Emerald Canyon (down the road about 45 minutes in Parker, AZ) is a fun course, truly in the canyon in some places as sub150 says, so unique in that regard.

Laughlin/Bullhead City is probably only about 100 minutes away. Laughlin Ranch is the best in that area. Mojave Resort is OK, too, nice condition, but a bit of a yawn from a design perspective. There are several other courses in that area that I haven’t played.

MartinJoe91 is right that Wickenburg is a better option than going all the way into Phoenix. Wickenburg Ranch and Los Cabelleros are both good courses there, though I’m not sure either are worth driving 2.5 hours for (which is really 5 hours round trip).

There are a couple courses in Havasu as well, but I’ve never been inspired to try them.


Appreciate the recommendations. Will check them out this week, figure out a plan, and then report back.

However, rain may wash the entire trip apparently. If that happens, might try to get up to Ojai to play Soule Park.


Soule Park is a great track. I think the course at Ojai Inn is also really good, though notably more expensive. If you can get a deal in the afternoon it’s worth it, though. Some really great holes, especially on the front nine.


Unfortunately, doesn’t look like my trip this weekend will have enough time to squeeze in a round (at least none of the suggested courses) as meetings on Friday have delayed our expected arrival date.

Definitely want to get up to Soule Park soon, though. Considering taking a weekend in February, doing a Air BnB/cheap hotel in Ventura area to hit Soule Park, Ojai Valley Inn, and any other courses around there (maybe Sandpiper, but we shall see).

Will be sure to ask for recommendations for that in advance of any plans! Thanks again for the suggestions!


If in Ventura, Olivas Links is worth a round, as well. It’s right there in town and a fun course. In the afternoon, if the wind gets up, especially in summer or dry times of year, it really does play quite linksy. And the greens are pretty wild and keep your interest. But I’ve also played it on a drizzly morning with no breeze at all and the course was still fun and engaging. Only downside is that as a muni rounds can get slow especially late in the day. But it’s a fun course.


Yeah that and Buenaventura are on my list for that little trip too.