KPMG Women's PGA Championship Swings - Jessica Korda

Reality of life is, I have a pretty good swing for a tall guy, but it is inconsistent for the standard reason of - I stink at golf! Good athlete, yada yada, but hitting the range occasionally and playing 3 times a month does not work.

Then you add in the insane chase for distance of PGA Tour caliber swings, and it gets downright ugly out there - right and left off the tee.

Enter Jessica Korda yesterday at the WPGA Championship and I saw her beautiful swing and TEMPO. Then I went to YouTube and can anyone say this is NOT the perfect swing for the married male golfer with a job and kids!!??

Jessica Korda Swing

We should be following the women and not the men when it comes to fixing our games, I think.



I was marveling at some of the swings that the NLU guys were posting from the LPGA range. This is another one that is buttery smooth.

I was actually told when learning the game to watch the best women’s swings because their so fundamentally sound!

I followed Jessica Korda’s group at Wilshire (Lexi and Moriya Jutanugarn). Great swing. Learned a ton from the group, crowd was small, and the course was awesome. LPGA events are the best to attend (followed by US Am).

I’ve been looking at the NLU insta stories. Maria Fassi though. Crazy speed


I was just at the event, Nelly Korda has the best swing, really impressive power and balance.

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That nice!!

Nelly Korda Swing

I’m in on Nelly Korda’s swing. I’m out in the New Balance velcro looking shoes she was wearing today.

The NLU insta story with all the swings was remarkable to watch.

I have watched numerous videos of Anne Van Dam’s swing. I’m like I see it, but it doesn’t seem possible. Just so smooth.


Swoon over Nelly’s swing

Fassi’s swing is amazing.

Driver perfection from Annie van Dam

We are both members of the same club in Sarasota and it’s hilarious watching the shop staff when she comes on property