KPMG Women’s PGA

Didn’t see a thread for this yet.

Is anyone going to catch Hannah Green?

Pulling for Jutanugarn, but don’t think she’ll pull it off.

There was some tourney discussion in these two threads. Don’t think you need to delete this one or anything, just that there has been some talk about the tournament earlier in the week.


Sweet. Thanks.

I’ve discovered I’m not paying enough attention to the LPGA. And with the travelers on CBS, decided to give the kpmg a watch.


This is getting real good

Yes it is.

It’s so nice to not have to hear GET IN THE HOLE every shot

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Preach. Haven’t heard a baba booey either.

I was there yesterday, there wasn’t a single thing yelled after a tee shot, it was awesome.

Also, LPGA events are great. The players are incredible and appreciative. I’m all in on LPGA majors.


They definitely give off a vibe that implies individuality is a key component of the culture surrounding the LPGA. Pretty refreshing to watch athletes act like humans.

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They players were all great with the kids, it was cool to see. Also, Hannah Greene was incredibly nice, I hope she wins.


Hoping to make it up to the tourney next weekend.

I didn’t see a single female caddy though, which was surprising.

There’s a few. Brooke Henderson has her sister on her bag. Not surprising, her sister is also a fantastic player.

Nelly’s game is so close. Knock out a few mistakes and she wins this week by a handful of strokes. Really excited to see how good she can get.

Impressive bunker shot under pressure there.

Hope she got a good read on that long putt before her.


Hopefully Rickie wasn’t watching that celebration. Can’t be giving him any ideas about how to up his congratulations game for major winners going forward.

I couldn’t recommend an LPGA event more. It was so much fun and the crowd was incredible. No drunk craziness, no Mashed Potatoes. Lots of families with kids. And the ladies were SO good


I’ve found this to be the norm rather than the exception with women’s sports. I love taking my daughters to college volleyball games and softball games. They (the kids) get so much more out of it than going to any type of male sport, based on the amount of access and interaction they have with the athletes.


Is Danielle Kang the coolest professional golfer in the world?