Korn Ferry Tour Thread: Savannah

The Web.com Tour regular season is a third over (8 of 24 events), and a streak has just begun of 20 tournaments in 20 weeks through the conclusion of the Finals on Labor Day. They’ve switched to points this year; the first 23 events have the standard FedEx Cup distribution (500 to the winner), while the final regular-season event gets the major distribution (600), and the Finals events offer twice the points of a regular event (1000).

Maybe it’s because of the new distributions that the top of the standings have been very volatile so far. Tyler McCumber, who hasn’t won a tournament, rocketed from 10th to 1st by tying for third yesterday. Fellow non-winners Zhang Xinjun and Scottie Scheffler are 2nd and 3rd, but the eight winners take up spots 4-11.

The rest of the season should be exciting (as always!)


Zhang Xinjun wins in San Antonio and moves from second to first. Last week’s winner Lanto Griffin finished T2 and is now second in points. Since the points system is new, I don’t know what number of points will be enough to guarantee graduation, but I’m sure Zhang has passed it.

Shoutout to 2018 OU grad Grant Hirschman on his T19 finish as a Monday qualifier. Gets him into next week’s event and, just as importantly, into the reshuffle after the next three tournaments.

Robby Shelton beats Scottie Scheffler in a playoff. They’re second and third in points now.

Nice win by OU product Michael Gellerman.

Today we had Chris Baker go -11 on a 13-hole stretch. Unfortunately he was even par on the other five holes and settled for a 60.

Gotta say, I’m excited for Sebastian Cappelen. His Monday Q win in Wichita in 2014 right after college came right around the time I started following the Web.com Tour, but he just missed out on The 25 that year and hasn’t come very close to graduating since. Now it looks like he might finally reach the PGA Tour.

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I admire and appreciate your commitment to this thread. #TYFYS


All of the KC contingent hereare excited to see Harry Higgs on track to earn his card this year considering he kicked our asses in junior events.

Two guys are a win away from Battlefield Promotions, one of whom has had some serious cheating allegations in his past. Excited to see how the run into to Finals (dessert?) ends and who advances out of the Bucket.

I can’t believe it’s now the “Korn Ferry Tour”. So bad.


Are we sure its not April 1st?

Lots of chatter about how this is great for the developmental tour, I just don’t see it.

There should be a rule against renaming a tour mid-season…

The battle of changing the thread title has been making me laugh.

Let’s just call it the “KoЯn Tour” and be done with it.:metal:



If Korn Ferry sounded more like a consulting firm and less like a kids’ ride in Nebraska, I’d mind the change less…

KFC Tour!!!

What do you have against Nebraska?:angry:

i read something yesterday that said, if someone said the Corn Ferry was the name of ZJ boat, id belive them

i laughed

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Should I have said Iowa?