Kisner/Holcomb match

Right now Kisner and Drew Holcomb are live on Instagram playing a 9-hole match. It feels like a lot closer to what “The Match” with Tiger and Phil was supposed to be. The guys are walking the course with their wives, and what we’re seeing is ground level footage from 10 feet away. It’s a little janky because it’s being filmed with a camera, but the woman filming is asking them questions from the chat and you can actually see the lay of the land a lot better than you can with a professional aerial camera. I think stuff like this with better production value is the future.

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thank god SOMEONE told me about this…hilarious.

My bad if it was already posted somewhere, I didn’t see it and this is the closest thing I’ve seen to pro golf in quite a while.

We are discussing it in the “Sweetens Cove” thread

no, I agree…I never saw it anywhere, and then I saw it a couple places