Kirkland's (Costco) New 3-Piece Ball


Public Enemy #1 at Acushnet restocked it’s inventory online and added a 3-piece version. I have four-dozen on the way along with the 4-piece, but I’m curious if anyone has experience with the 3-piece and could let me know what to expect?

Thanks in advance!


Have not tried the four piece ball son cannot compare it.

However I bought two dozen of the three piece, and have played it twice. I thought it was alright. Pretty much what you would expect for the price.

I heard something about the dimple pattern messing with the flight, and that the pattern may not be consistent between balls (pretty sure this was the mygolfspy podcast). I didn’t notice anything like that. Distance and trajectory seemed pretty normal to me.

I did feel like some balls felt noticeably softer than others. Obviously this is not something I can quantify so could just be psychological.