Kingsley Club


Got on this course, playing it late July. This is my first private club experience so was seeing what I should do, recommended caddies, things to get, what to do, etc. thanks


expect it to be very laid back and straight forward. it is nothing like any other private club ive played. its pure golf, clubhouse is a small HUD home lol

i am pretty sure they will require you to at least have a forecaddie, we had Chris Dienes last year and he is an absolute pleasure. not sure if he is back as i know it was his senior year playing hockey at WMU this season but could not recommend him more

expect to feel like you have the course to yourself, and enjoy every moment of it. ive never played Crystal Downs, but played a lot of the other top rated courses in MI and Kingsley is my #1


I have the opportunity to play there this summer. Is there typically a guest fee or how does that all work?


Yeah expect to pay around $240 for golf + forecaddie per person for an unaccompanied guest rate


It would be with a member. Do I expect them to take care of everything? Sorry for the dumb questions. Just don’t have much experience playing private courses like this.


its all good… yeah he will likely just get charged and you can square up with him. it will be cheaper than that but i cant quote it for you, i always just play w/o a guest. i would offer to pay for anything throughout the day then, lunch, beers, tips etc.

dont get yourself too wound up about etiquette, just behave like you would at a nice golf club and dont be a douche lol. Kingsley is the farthest thing from a stuffy country club. just enjoy youself