King-Collins unveil nine holer in Accord, New York (Upstate New York Too)

The Ranch in Southwick

I mean once we’re at The Back Nine might as well swing down to Bethpage Black too, before swinging over to Yale

Also, Accord is only 2.5 hours from home. As Bart Scott would say, “CAN’T WAIT”

Fuck it, if we catch them napping, we might be able to hit tee shots on 1 at Shinnecock before we’re tazed into the stone age


Learned my geography in Western NY (Buffalo) so we kind of thought upstate NY was the part where its “almost Canada”, as in way up north.

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I started dating a Yale alumna recently. How soon is too soon to turn that into a tee time?


You should have done that yesterday


Public or private?

Red Tail? Of course that takes you up to Rte. 2, which also takes you away from the Pike through Charlton and the opportunity to hit Treehouse for necessary provisions.

Maybe Leatherstocking in Cooperstown? Never played it but Devereaux Emmet is pretty woke, right? And Cooperstown has other fun attractions.

Richter Park in Danbury would be a pretty easy stop between Back Nine and Hotchkiss, but not sure it is worth the detour anyway. Bonus is that you can supposedly see glimpses of the elusive Morefar Back O’Beyond from the course.

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Was pissed they moved one of my work projects from Southern CA up to our plant in NY next summer. This has made me feel much better about it.

Ha… I’m actually an LI boy too (New Hyde Park) and would say the same thing but then moved to Westchester when I got married and changed perspective of what “upstate” is

If you can throw the Ranch and Shennecossett in there (along with stops at Treehouse and Hudson Valley) then I’m in

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What? Do you, like, respect other people’s opinions or something? hah.

Very familiar with NHP, any chance you know former mayor petruccio? I went to a certain HS in mineola that enrolls a number of NHP guys

No don’t know him. I haven’t lived on LI since I left for college (20 years ago) and that was the best decision I made! Chaminade boy, huh?


this is why we need the zocco dates thread…


We like to say Chaminade Man, but whatever, hah. i had no intention of returning to the NY area after I left for college too, but here we are. I’ve only been in nyc for 16 months but i mostly hate it. typically leave every weekend to play golf and stay with friends/family somewhere.

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If the Refuge was not searchable on Google, maybe.

Which is why I am in favor of a members-only forum


Fenwick Golf Course? I’ve never played it, but if you’re going to spend that much time near the water on 95, it would be nice to get on a course with some water views.

Also, I see a lack of brewery stops included.

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Can also toss The Orchards in too, Donald Ross design, host of the 2004 US Womens Open, in South Hadley. Private but public can play for $125. HOWEVA It’s a good thing I know a brand new member there…

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You should add Shinnecock or NGLA to the itinerary.