Kiawah Island - What is 2nd best course there? (After The Ocean Course)

So I’m playing the The Ocean Course in April and I have a second day to golf. Which course do you guys recommend for a second round?

Or should I just play The Ocean Course twice? It’s pricey, but it’s nice to play a great course twice to get the real experience.

I wouldn’t worry about any of the others on the island. I’ve heard the Cassique is nice, but I’ve not played it (it’s private, maybe?). If you can’t play that one, I’d probably vote for the Ocean twice.

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I’d agree with that if you only have two rounds and don’t care about the price. Play Ocean twice. I played Turtle Point and Osprey Point, and both are fine. There is a nice stretch on Turtle from 14-16 but other than that I don’t really remember much about either of these other courses.

I’d just get out of dodge after the ocean course. Unless you can get on Cassique

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I wouldn’t recommend playing Ocean twice, your scorecard and wallet can only take so much of a beating in one trip. Cassique is the second best course on the island (and it’s actually a very close second in my opinion). It is private, but definitely take the chance to get out if you can. Osprey is generally considered the best of the other resort courses.

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I’d probably just do one Ocean Course round unless money is no object. Awesome setting, but it’s a grind.

I liked Cougar Point though I wouldn’t consider it a must play; I played it after the redid it. It’s kind of pricy though - I paid at least $150.

Cassique and the river course are both private but awesome. One of the coolest locker rooms I’ve been in

If you want to play twice your better off doing same day on a replay same day

If you are going to get two different sets of conditions on Ocean, very worth it to play it twice. Getting breezy vs windy is kind of neat. Morning vs afternoon. I agree that more memorable holes vs osprey or turtle point. I have not played Cassique.

On the way back-ish (?) to Charleston from Kiawah is Stono Ferry. That was an enjoyable round.

FWIW I did Ocean and Osprey last year. Osprey was…fine. I think I enjoyed Stono Ferry more than Osprey.

Ocean/Osprey was part of a package so two round on the island were included. Ocean would have been an extra $100 + caddie. Also, Ocean was incredibly cool to have played and given the events it has hosted and to give a reference for when the pros get out there, but there was’t an overwhelming desire (to me) to go back out and play it again immediately.

It’s going to depend on how much you want to spend … my memories of Turtle, Cougar and Osprey are that they are nice, fine, no complaints, but far from bucket list quality.

Second the recommendation on Stono. Really enjoyable course that’s the best public in Charleston area (non Kiawah division). Also cool to see the Revolutionary War sites on the course.

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Did a trip to Kiawah December of 2018. Enjoyed the Osprey and Cougar courses aside from The Ocean Course. Was supposed to do Turtle, but got rained out.

I’d play cougar in the morning and then play ocean in the afternoon on replay rate (which is half the cost of normal). Turtle is probably second favorite , and then osprey. Don’t even bother with oak point - nothing worth seeing.


i was in kiawah may of last year - played ocean in the morning as a single, played cougar @ the replay rate in the afternoon with my father-in-law, then stono a couple days later. Stono is such a great value and solid course. It’s college of charleston’s golf course and they have a sweet looking practice facility on the other side of the range.

This is a great call. Cougar is the better course than Turtle, but if you’re all about making it out to the ocean one last time, then Turtle has a good stretch of 3 holes in the dunes on the back 9.

Haven’t played either since the restorations, but I’ve heard really good things.

If you are staying on or close to kiawah and need to play your second round there I would say most of the courses are fun and typically in great condition. Lots of changes lately so I would recommend based on the following:
Cougar- as of today in the best shape of “the rest of the resort” courses. Really awesome brand new club house and a couple holes on the marsh/river
Turtle- pretty standard Nicklaus course until you hit the back and there are three on the ocean. The only other kiawah course with true ocean holes
Osprey- probably my favorite just because it is fun. Not sure what kind of game you have but seems to be the most playable for all skill levels from what I’ve seen.

I’d say if your staying closer to Charleston and willing to travel that the links course at wild dunes is my second favorite “public” course in town. Ton of variation in the design from start to finish. With some significant elevation changes for the low country on the early part of the back to the ocean views on the last few holes. Really fun to play.

I am a member at stono and would say it’s the best of the “rest” of the moderately priced public courses. Couple holes on the stono river/intercoastal tons of history between the revolutionary war, a cart path that used to be the railway between savannah and Charleston and a tee box that was the pier for the ferry between johns island and west Ashley/Hollywood.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

Cougar Point is the second best IMO. I wouldn’t waste your time with osprey or turtle.

I went last April and played Ocean in the morning and Osprey in the afternoon. The Ocean round was awesome. We had prefect weather (sun and no wind). It was one of my favorite rounds of golf. Osprey was fine and an enjoyable round. But if I did it again I agree with some of the others. I’d bite the $$$ bullet and play Ocean again.

Can echo what most have said here. IF you must play one other than the OC, make it Cougar. Played it in June and it was in great shape. I’m not a fan of TP or OP. Been playing out at Kiawah for 40 years (yikes I’m old).

Now if you can get on the River Course or Cassique do that. But unfortunately they are private.

I honestly don’t know how they get away calling Oak Point a Kiawah course. It’s nothing special, it’s not on Kiawah Island but yet they still charge an arm and a leg. Stay away.