Justin Thomas ejecting Fan


Pretty sure it’s @Soly


An audible lol at this. THAT is how it’s done.


Was the photographer nearly stepping on the ball yesterday some sort of weird karma for the week before? To his credit, I thought JT handled the photographer thing perfectly.


Did you not hear JT telling the photographer to get in the bunker?


speaking of JT, I heard a good deal of hate on the latest Foreplay pod.

I think they’re going overboard in order to make him into a golf villain


Agreed, just listened to it and thought they were forcing the issue way too much. They made it seem like everyone hates him, but i think its way overblown. He will still be a popular fan favorite and just a subset of obnoxious bros will hate him.


The Barstool stuff is just the lackeys falling in line for Portnoy. He went after JT after the whole incident, including writing a golf manifesto which was dumb as dumb gets. You have to give Barstool credit, their staying power and growth has far exceeded what I would have ever expected. I thought they were going to be the fidget spinners of sports media companies.


The best is if you twitter search “Riggs” “Justin or JT” its all praise and love calling him a #Beauty, then Pres comes out anti and Riggs and Trent completely flip flop. No Resolve Riggsy Sad!!


Perhaps a subset of obnoxious bros are the ones that actually like him? Just sayin’. Maybe it’s the other way around.


JT just needs to embrace being a villain and go full on wrestling heel.


let me guess another one of those barstool idiots…