Justin Thomas ejecting Fan


He needs to go to PR school. It really started with him running around the President’s cup in that stupid beanie hat. Then he comments on “rude” fans. Then upping the ante and ejecting a fan. And the icing on the cake is in the same tournament he makes the winning putt and drops a huge f-bomb, then makes a statement that he did not expect the cameras to pick it up??? He is either stupid or lying. He needs to get his act together quick or he will quickly become a Bubba Watson. And NLU needs to call him out even though he is a friend of the program.


Getting a lot of comments on the fan incident yesterday.. sorry to any and all offended by it. There was more said as we walked to the tee wishing bad things on the course for myself or Luke. Then the get in the bunker comment over and over again I felt...

— Justin Thomas (@JustinThomas34) February 26, 2018

...it was very understandable to have him escorted out. I never want to lose fans, or have people root against me. I just didn’t see a place for that particular person to be yelling at us things that weren’t necessary over and over again. I over reacted...

— Justin Thomas (@JustinThomas34) February 26, 2018

..and should not have had him kicked out. I feel bad for it, but was more doing so because again I felt the stuff he was saying was completely unnecessary. I love all my fans and to hear that I’ve lost quite a few bc of that, isn’t fun. So I’m sorry to all!

— Justin Thomas (@JustinThomas34) February 26, 2018


Sure golf isn’t football but I think it’s something we need to get used to. It’s just the way things are going in our society today. I think JT and the others need to get thick skin quick because it’s not going to get any better. I personally hate hearing the yelling after every shot but it’s not going to stop. It’s only going to get worse. It’s like the “Saturday’s are for the boys” guys at the public courses on the weekends. They still think it’s thirsty Thursday back in their fraternity days. Sure I loved my days in the fraternity but I know that part of my life is done. They drive around drunk out of their minds smashing the carts into each other, blasting their music, and yelling constantly.


This has gotten a little out of hand even to watch on TV. Why does this not happen at Augusta?? Because Augusta patrols the viewing areas and THEY remove fans that are disrespectful not putting the job on the players to do it. Tourneys need to make it very clear with the ticket pack and upon entry that yelling wont be tolerated AND THEN ENFORCE IT and this will go away within a year.


Yup, I saw this happen a few years ago. Guy yelled out mashed potatoes and security showed up out of nowhere. He gone.

I can’t find it now, but there’s a section in The Masters patron handbook written by Bobby Jones where he talks about this. He specifically calls out people rooting against golfers as being unsportsmanlike and not welcome there.


I need JT roll out to the next tourney with a pastel cashmere around his neck, just go full my dad’s a lawyer heel. Would be awesome


I marshaled at Birkdale last year and the marquee groups had 3 ex armed forces guys who would walk with the players and then go ahead to the green to pick out any potential issues. Us lacky marshals would let them know if anyone was giving us concern!! This would be reported back to other groups. Any spectators continually yelling rubbish, certainly multiple times at the same player, would be subject to a ‘quiet word’. Eviction was a last resort but the key thing is it would never have got to the stage where the player themselves had to make that decision.

I know not every tournament has the resources to do this but given the public profile of the star players and the amount of money now involved, certainly on the PGA tour, something could be done to preempt this kind of thing.


I was at the Honda on Saturday.

JT had 2 uniformed police officers in his group and I thought there was a third in golf attire.

Tiger had the same.

I spoke to one of the officers in the fairway and he said they are assigned to VIPs by the tournament.


Totally agree. @Soly is his bitch (no offense) so he won’t call him out but I’d love to hear them get JT back on the podcast and discuss it. No teed-up softball questions, just have an open conversation about it. I like JT but this entitlement bullshit isn’t helping his image. Kid has crazy game though so I hope he gets his attitude in check.


Definitely need NLU to dedicate an entire podcast on this issue. There haven’t been near enough podcasts and shows talking about it.


completely agree… this is a HUGE issue and should dominate golf media for the foreseeable future. also very interested to see what barstool has to say about it. theyre very in tune when it comes to the pga tour


Can’t think of any bigger headline in golf right now. So glad to see that this is on the forefront of media coverage. I’m hoping Michael Collins will do a piece on SC about it.


Ideally, this story line just continues to build all the way through the season, and hits a massive crescendo with all the ‘How will JT handle the Ryder Cup crowds?’ articles this fall.


I think it’s a terrible look for him, but everyone makes mistakes and does stuff in the heat of the moment that they regret later. I hated this move by him, but I don’t want to dislike him forever because of it.

I think JT should be a little more relaxed about incidents like this considering he’s not exactly perfect in his own etiquette. The incident where he threw his club into the gallery last year in Mexico because he didn’t like the shot comes to mind. I didn’t care that he did that, in fact, I thought it was funny and kind of liked it, but the golf “purists” would be the ones to say that golfers shouldn’t act like that. Why is JT acting all high and mighty about how galleries should behave when he himself hasn’t exactly lived up to the old school proper way to act as golfer? You can’t have it both ways, in my opinion. But like I said before, I’m willing to let it go since he apologized and anyone can do something in an instant that they wished they could have back. If he keeps doing stuff like this, I’ll eventually just stop rooting for him. Except in Ryder Cup/President’s Cup, of course.



Did someone really just say this all started with him wearing a beanie at the President’s Cup? Is there an NLUCommenter account?


I don’t get why people care about this so much. This isn’t the first time it’s happened at a golf tournament and it won’t be the last.


I’m surprised JT was even able to hear one guy out of the entire crowd of people. That tells me the guy was making a point of being an asshole.

Even so, I think given JT’s superstar trajectory he needs to just learn to ignore it all.


…and I think he was unlucky that it got picked up by the microphones after his shot had finished. If it hadn’t made the coverage, nothing really would’ve been made of it.

It does play in to the reputation he is getting at the moment though and further evidence he doesn’t like the crowd interaction as shown at the Waste Management a couple of times.

The BBC have done a story on it where the take its actually quite a positive reaction to what JT did. As said above, there’s a lot of angles and opinions to come out of the incident
BBC Article


I’d love to know what JT’s NLU burner account is