Justin Thomas ejecting Fan


You’re correct, stadium environments are different. I should have been more clear in what I wrote. I was talking about the general concept / principle of being ejected for cheering against the opponent or a player. Since golf is such a mentally challenging sport and spectators are given the luxury to be close to the players I’d agree that commentary prior to the shot is unquestionably in bad taste. However, if a guy wants to cheer for a ball to go in the bunker while it’s in flight then so be it. I personally would never do that but that should be his prerogative is what I’m saying.

Let us keep in mind that the reason Justin made $1,200,000 this week is because of the fans. If they have to put up with some crap I don’t feel terribly sympathetic. Let your play do the talking for you. He stuck that ball on 18 like a savage. That is enough of a reply to the heckler.


We are in agreement then. We only caught the audio of JT ejecting a guy for the bunker yell. But, if he had been repeatedly heckling him before the tee shot as JT said later…that deserves ejection. Although it could have been handled better by JT.


I think there is another aspect to consider here when comparing to other sporting events. Generally, there are two teams playing against one another. Fans of one team want “their” team to do well, essentially at the expense of the other team. It’s a zero sum game, there is a winner and a loser. So, if you are cheering for your team, you are by default, rooting against the best interests of the opposing team. Therefore, it’s understood by any NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL etc. team that the fans will be against them. It’s simply part of the game.

Golf as we all know, is different. It’s not a zero sum game. Player A hitting and amazing shot really should have no impact on Player B’s next shot. Rooting for Player A is independent of rooting for or against Player B.

This is why I don’t get the comparisons to other sporting events. It’s a completely different game and fan experience/interaction.


It’s balata soft. But I love JT so I’m gonna sweep it under the rug.


I think this was quality patter from JT, fans have to be respectful, end of. The fan would have learnt his lesson. Don’t understand why the constant “mashed patatoes” etc. shouts are still tolerated, possibley the worst part of tour golf.


If this fan was rooting for Ian Poulter’s ball to go in the bunker a lot of people would be proclaiming him a hero. I love the debate on this incident. There are so many good arguments and points to be made yet there is no clear right answer. My brain is in a pretzel.

While I agree for the most part on the differences in stadiums and team sports, don’t think that there aren’t a lot of people within earshot of players at stadiums doing the same thing. The stuff baseball / basketball players have to listen to is FAR worse than “get in the bunker”. The fact that JT is apparently empowered to eject a fan who is openly rooting for him not to win is nuts, IMO. Maybe if he put a wild kiwi like Stevie Williams on his bag this wouldn’t be an issue. Get you someone who can read putts and crack skulls at the same time. Problem solved.


A) Yes bad comparison between Rory and JT. The man directed a comments at Rory personally.

B) There is a fine line that both sides seem to frequently forget. The fans forget that the players are working. JT isn’t going to come into someone’s office and start yelling for them to mess up an Excel formula. Also, players forget that they are entertainers and that without the fans, they wouldn’t be making money. I believe it was a bad look for JT to go after the fan. Say something to a marshall or one of the security guards and let them handle it, don’t do it yourself. At the same time, I have no problem with the fan being ejected. Unless it’s the Ryder Cup, rooting against someone is pretty stupid. The guy was simply trying to get on the audio so he could tell his buddies “did you hear me yell at JT?”.

C) Can we get over the F-Bomb? Perhaps CBS should have been a tad bit smarter and cut the replays before he says it. The guy just won a million dollars, he’s allowed to be excited.


I just spent 4 full days at the Sony and the fans were already annoying the heck out of me by Sunday with the stupid stuff they were saying. I don’t blame JT for tossing the guy.

I guess I’m just a pretty big fan of his, but him and his family are all really nice people. JT took time out of his round to give my son a ball and tell him hello even after a crappy hole. His dad talked to my kid two different days, and even approached us the second day to say hello. I can see where people say he acts whiny on the course, but there are plenty of golfers who do that. Hell, I’m sure 90% of us in here have all complained about the greens or course conditions at our muni’s


They’ll take the chance a player is going to curse over the backlash they would get for not showing the immediate live reaction of a player winning a tournament.

Edit to add - agreed that they might want to cut it from the replays…for their own sake.


I’ve worked the Wells Fargo and PGA Championship as a marshal. Every single marshal is out there as a volunteer. Many of them only for a day or two and not the full 4 rounds. It is nearly impossible to have someone thrown out. With crowds as big as the one following JT or on the grounds yesterday all together, a marshal would have had to seen the person who made the comment, had a police officer close by, and had that officer take time away from what he was there to do to escort the guy out. What happens more commonly is you see a guy being an idiot and by the time you are able to find someone to do something about it, he has disappeared into the mob of a crowd.


You’re absolutely correct. I’ve worked tours, I know the drill. The point is: there is almost always someone with enough authority to remove a spectator following a major group if they are being disrespectful. The marshal wouldn’t be the person doing that, but they could easily inform an official that could.

“Mr. Official, a guy in a FSU hat is heckling Mr. Thomas.” Mr. Official pays more attention and the next time they hear it, they have him removed. If the basic ground rules are explained during the marshal volunteer meetings, the precedent would be set and the mechanism to report would be there.


Yeah, I guess what I was trying to say was it’s just not that practical to bounce a guy out. Most of the time, if a spectator is going to heckle someone, it’s not going to be the group going out at 10AM on Sunday with a smaller following that would make him easier to pick out. That guy wants to be on TV and get a reaction so it’ll be later in the day (after more than enough beers). The other factor is that was the biggest group/gallery to go through that hole all day and usually the last. To get thrown out of a rank and file tour event like the Honda/Wells, you have to REALLY do something stupid as opposed to the Masters where you can be running and get the hook. The guy that Tiger had removed at Torrey completely deserved the fans turning on him and to be thrown out. People get in a big crowd and adopt the mob mentality and behave way differently than they would if it were just a few people following a group.

When List knocked his ball against the stands on the playoff hole, the scene there looked chaotic and out of control. There was little officials or security could do to reign people in. I think the problem could be alleviated by cutting off beer sales at 2:30 or 3. By the time the final group comes down the stretch, people wouldn’t have had a beer for several hours and you wouldn’t be dealing with scenes like yesterday.


I’ll never understand what compels anyone to yell anything at a golf tournament. It’s so annoying after every drive and every shot hearing idiots yell moronic catch phrases. Is it the desire to be heard on TV so you can text your buddies or watch it later on your DVR? Hopefully the next big tech innovation for golf broadcasts is muting those outbursts.


No problem with it. If anything, they players need to step in more to keep the Barstool Dilly Dilly wannabe Waste Management crowd in check. If fall the major players are commenting on this stuff getting out of hand and being detrimental the game, then why is it bad that people are starting to push back on it?

One of the “draws” to the game of golf is that it expects self restraint and a level of honesty or class that other sports don’t.


Why do people need to yell anything at the players? What’s wrong with cheering and clapping? There shouldn’t be an argument that something “wasn’t profane enough” to get ejected for yelling at a human trying to do their job.

I say this as someone who absolutely laid in to Justin Rose at the Ryder at Hazeltine after a bakers dozen breakfast beers so I also get here the liquid courage/judgement in error piece comes in as well.

End of the day, people shouldn’t be screamed at just because they are making a ton of money playing a sport. You wouldn’t hide behind Bob’s chair in his office and scream at him after sending an email.


This past year I was at the AT&T Byron Nelson and Spieth had an absolute monster of a security guard walking with him inside the ropes everyday. I don’t know if this is common practice but even if I was inclined to say anything (I’m not)… there’s no chance I’m opening my mouth with the incredible hulk 10 feet away watching everyone like a hawk. Curious to know if Spieth pays for this out of his own pocket. If so, why don’t more top tier guys do this who have crowd concerns.


There is a monumental shift in the caliber and knowledge base of the fans that are attending PGA Tour events nowadays. With increased exposure and encouragement for antics at events like the Waste Management and overall visibility of Tour players like Ricky and JT there will inherently be an outside the traditional standard fan attending.
I was out at the Honda yesterday and have regularly attended that event and seen the shift from ‘fun tour stop’ to ‘excuse to day-drink with all your friends that have never hit a golf shot in their life’. Which as a 33 year-old single male, it makes for far more attractive people watching.
But I don’t blame JT, this has been a bubble that was growing larger and larger the past couple weeks and being out there and seeing some of the antics first-hand it’s kinda shocking it doesnt happen more often.
Credit to Sam Burns, homeboy was getting zero respect out there and found a way to drop a bogey-free 68. Nice playing Burnsey!


Kinda wish JT was a euro and I’d enjoy the hell out of heckling him come Ryder Cup time. The NLU guys fawn over JT but I’m pretty “meh” overall. Just imagine if that was Sergio — there’d be a full scale zapruder film on the incident and flaming hot takes bashing him.


Unfortunately, I envision a smiling 7 year old with his dad watching his favorite player charging for a win, begging to get as close to the ropes as possible, and then this happens.

There is no room for it from a fans prospective, but intimidating/scaring the young fans with this outburst is a tough one to swallow.

This happened with me and the legend Anthony Kim at the Travelers champ back in the day. He had to play a few extra holes in the morning due to previous day rain delay. Came off 18 green where I was standing with my pops (though I was 12 or so) and says loudly to his caddie - “Well that was fucking worthless”. Never had any interest in him as a player ever since. Only think of him as the ass hole.


Yeah, I fully understand what you’re saying, but I also think it puts the Marshals in too tough of a position given that they’re volunteers. Considering that the most sought after volunteer opps (marshal, walking scorer, and standard bearer are usually members - the latter usually being kids), it’s a big ask for them to police the crowd