Justin Thomas ejecting Fan


Obviously a JT apologist here, and everyone else seems to think I’m on the wrong side of this… but did people get mad when Rory ejected a guy at the Ryder Cup? Not exactly apples to apples, but as I commented on the live show, this stuff happens during the course of the tournament, it’s just not captured often on television.

Also, chatted with JT some tonight. He said that the same guy said something twice to him before he hit about hitting it in the water. The bunker part is what put him over the edge.


I don’t have a problem with what he did exactly, but more of how he did it. I think it was an appropriate thing to kick the guy out, but what he said and the way he said it came off as kind of dick-ish. I guess I don’t know a lot about the way things work at events, but could he have just asked a marshal to have him removed?


Yeah, nowhere close to what was said to Rory. You can’t compare the two.


My gut reaction was that it was an awful look for JT. How is a fan getting #ejected for rooting for a ball to find the bunker? Is it truly that offensive and disrespectful? Think about any other sporting event you go to… can you imagine getting escorted out because you cheered for someone to strike out or throw an interception? The traditionalist golf fan will come out against that take but allowing for more intense rooting interests (for or against) will help grow the fan base and game. Move over grandpa.

Fans should be allowed to say whatever they please with the exception of 3 things:

  1. No personal attacks
  2. No vile or offensive language
  3. No yelling / cheering during the swing

With all of that being said, he doesn’t deserve to get trolled all day long. This is a complicated and interesting issue.


That’s an interesting view. I heard a guy say “get in the water” and dude sounded Australian to me. Sounded like a different heckler, altogether.
Also, seems odd that JT asked “who said that” when, at least from what he told you, he already knew.


Why does it matter whether it was caught on television or not? Even if the microphones were off it’s still an unnecessary move that made him come off as a spoiled brat.


Seems like people are creating a false equivalency with sports like football where individuals’ voices disappear into a white noise & the player is typically a far greater distance from the fan.

It’s sort of why 16 at Scottsdale works - the tens of thousands of voices create a wall of sound that is impersonal and less jarring to a golf swing than one person yelling out from 10 feet away.

Ultimately though, even those damning JT are not arguing that what the fan did was right or good, just that he has the right to be a dickhead without consequences and that paying the entry fee entitles him to yell shit at the players. I can’t get on board with that. Especially so when some anonymous fan can apparently be a complete dick to a player in the heat of battle (69th hole of the tournament, tied for the lead), but when the player is a dick back to him, he’s a bad guy…


Obviously that fan shouldn’t be saying that stuff - no place in the game for that and he absolutely deserved to be ejected.

Still, not a great look for JT. He probably should have said something to his caddy or an usher rather than lashing out. He’s still a kid (only 24) though and I’m sure he’ll learn from it.


There’s a 1000 ways Justin Thomas can (and probably does) show gratitude for his lot in life that don’t involve indulging fuckwits who’ve had three light beers and think they’re somehow a relevant participant in what’s going on inside the ropes. You paid your entry fee to watch the show, not to bellow at the players like zoo animals.


Etiquette goes both ways - for instance, JT concussed a fan with an errant drive to the head earlier in the week, with no ‘fore’ shout at all. If he’s going to get pissy about fans shouting at him, he needs to look at his own behaviour too.


I can see both sides of this. But the whiny moments are really starting to mount up for JT. Check yourself.


To be honest, this will probably put a bigger target on him from the drunks in the gallery. Now they know they can get a reaction.


I have zero issue with JT booting this fan, especially if he had been following/taunting for a while. As a fan, if you don’t want to get booted, don’t be a dick.



As @Soly posted and Geoff Shackelford’s article says, if the guy was yelling stuff before tee off - that’s completely BS and JT has every right to eject him. The post shot bunker yell could have been a little soft if taken out of context…

There is NO WAY you can compare golf to other sporting events as it relates to taunting. Particularly team based sporting events. 1) These are individuals playing a course to obtain the lowest score possible, not really even playing the other guy directly - why taunt them at all? 2) Spectators get a VERY up close and personal interaction with the golfers which is a benefit of the typical respect shown 3) Anyone on this message board knows how difficult golf is…and the amount of class & respect that should be inherent to the game. No need for taunting, at all.

Personally, I think JT shouldn’t have to take action like that. Marshals need to step up and dismiss people quicker. I feel exactly the same about the jackasses that yell "Mashed Potato, Baba Booey, etc."
Frankly, I can’t think of something that signifies “loser” more than yelling stupid stuff at a golf event.

What do you tell your buddies? “Huh, huh…guess what I did at the Honda Classic this week? I yelled Mashed Potato every time Tiger hit his drives.”


We can argue all day long about this but you’re never going to have 100% of fans be respectful at a tourney. JT is playing for millions of dollars. He needs to learn how to filter this out. Would have been much classier to ignore the guy, take down the win and then tip his cap to that douchefuck. Tiger wouldn’t even have flinched at that comment.


I disagree for one simple reason: up close and personal access of fans to players.

A stadium environment where the noise gets drowned out in the overall crowd is completely different. Fans are often only an arms length (or less) from the golfers. In a game that requires significant mental focus, that can be very difficult to manage. And throughout history, golf has been a sport in which the fans are very respectful. With very few exceptions, you basically cannot cheer for someone to strike out or throw an interception. They would never hear you.

A simple way to solve that problem in golf? No longer allow up close and personal interaction with players. Create a stadium environment at every PGA Tour venue. No more following players on course. Is that what we want to promote? As golf fans, we should be advocating for removal of this type of behavior.


@Soly, unless I remember the Rory incident wrong, this is a bad take. I’m pretty sure the guy going after Rory told him to do something very specific, to a very specific body part, and screamed it in his face as he was walking to the tee. That 100% deserves ejection in a hurry.

Yelling “Get in the bunker” after the shot is struck is soft. That followed up with the not subtle “F’ Yea” when he won, was an overall bad look for JT. He’s my favorite player, but if it’s this easy to get in his head, he’s going to go from loved to hated quick.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the players should have to be hall monitors, but I prefer JT talk to marshal, or security or whoever, quietly and if he wants the guy spoken to, or kicked out, do it that way. But the super snarky, “Who said that, enjoy your day buddy” in my opinion means JT is a little too sensitive.


@CaddieCoveralls I didn’t say that I opposed the removal. I agree with your points, I just don’t agree with how JT reacted. It’s no fun to make those comments if there’s no reaction and they stop pretty quickly but knowing you can stir the pot and get a top player to react is what some of these Neanderthals live for.


Understood. I agree with you, he could have handled it better. Ignore it, mention it to Jimmy, talk to a marshal.

But, my point earlier is I don’t think he should HAVE to. Marshals should take quicker action and get rid of people.