Justin Thomas ejecting Fan


Not sure how I feel about this. There is a video with audio of it as well.

Should this be under subtle Tour sauce?


Can’t decide how I feel either. We don’t know if the fan was an issue all day or not. Also fans have been worse this year than last year IMO. I think as the Waste Managememt has gotten crazier fans in other areas think it’s cool to try and act that way at their local event. It’s annoying.


Charmin soft. Fans are allowed to root against you, that’s part of being an athlete making millions of dollars.


Petulant, but still a power move, kinda respect it plus clowns should be booted. Not like Poulter going after peoples careers on twitter


Seems like a little b***h move to me. I like JT, and always root for him but sometimes wonder why. Lol


I’ve been a big fan of his since he came out. This makes me want to pull for someone else. This is type of thing is what sent a lot of people out on Bubba. I hope this sort of thing is an isolated incident and not a trend.


It shouldn’t be up to the players to have to say something. Marshalls and more so, security guys should be more proactive with removing these types from the course.

Obviously not a good look and will further add to the heat on JT for some of his behaviour out on course but really, they need to do more to stop this from happening in the first place. Also the amount of mobile phones you see now in the background to every shot = recipe for disaster at some point during the round


Reminds me of DL3 vs Cat #NoLove http://www.espn.com/golf/news/story?id=1747825


For me it all kind of circles around the Ryder Cup/President’s Cup matches. Players making 10-footers and goading the fans with “LET’S GO!!! C’MON!!!” like they’re f-ing gladiators or something.

Fast forward to last week, and this week, and I guarantee next week and the week after, and you’ll hear a similar story. Ask yourself: who created it?


Definitely a bit soft but at the same time I’d be pretty PO’d if I was hearing shit like that coming down the stretch trying to win a tournament


All depends on context to me. If this is a guy that had been heckling Justin all day/week then I’m fine with it. I don’t think you should act like that at tournaments, there’s a completely different feeling from something like the Ryder/Presidents cup and a week to week tournament setting.


This ^. Pretty easy to say it’s a soft move but no one has a clue what was fully said and what was said all day. The fan had a FSU hat on so probably still butthurt about this IYAM:


Now you’re going to make fun of the guy because he didn’t have good enough grades to get into Central Florida? Low blow, man. Low blow.


As if saying “Get in the bunker” after a shot has been played is anything but a fan being a fan…

Bad look by Thomas here. He was whining about the greens in an earlier round after a chip shot he didn’t like. The entitlement oozes out his pores, which makes him very difficult to root for.

A shame because he is a mega- talent and a percentage of the next generation will mimic this attitude.


My tournament group consistently lets Rory, Sergio, and Adam Scott know that they are unwelcome. I’m surprised JT did this.


A few different players have made comments this year that crowds are starting to get worse.

“Get in the bunker” is probably pretty tame in the grand scheme of things, but the game can do without it, so good on JT. You have to start somewhere and you can’t help but think a World Top 3 player having someone ejected live on TV for yelling out dumb shit can only help reinforce the message that it isn’t okay.

Now, show me someone being summarily executed for a “babba booey” or “mashed potatoes” and I’m right on board with it.


I think it’s wrong on the fans part to root against a player openly… certainly has no place in golf and it adds to the fact that crowds have become worse/rowdier at golf tournaments lately. At the same time, I think it is a pretty soft move for Thomas to call for his removal – don’t worry about what the crowd has to say. Even though this is not welcomed in golf, you don’t see athletes in other sports let what the crowd has to say get to them.


I don’t think it’s likely that the fan had been heckling all day. When he heard it he had to ask “who said that?!” Seems like if it was an on going thing throughout the round he would’ve known right away.


Pathetic. Soft as it gets.


Just about every player complained about the greens. Rory and Tiger did.