Justin Rose and Homna Officially Split

It’s finally official, I’m surprised it took this long to announce. Looks like he’s going down the equipment free agent route. You guys think there’s any chance he goes back to TM?

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X2 all time Friday news dump by Hooonma and JRose

TM has so few horses in their stable now that I really can’t see them bringing Mr Mooooooorgan Stanley back in. I think he will go as a free agent for a while, most likely.

I guess there’s no respect for Mr Palmer any more these days.


I like to ask questions…

Would I buy anything because Justin Rose uses it?
No. I wouldn’t.

Would I immediately stop buying from a brand if they signed Justin Rose?
Yes. I haven’t mbought Bonobos since they signed him. Their designs started to suck anyway.

Would I rather go find a player on the up that I like and pay him?
For sure. Scottie Scheffler comes to mind.

What kind of driver will Rose probably end up with?
Likely a Ping.

Did anyone buy Homna gear because Rose had it?
Maybe a few hundred people? Maybe?

Are the people at Homna glad he’s off the books?
Depends on how the break up went. I’d guess yes.


Not a very original prediction, but: TM woods, Mizzy irons, Vokes. Whatever shit show of a putter he currently plays.


Sergio was spotted with Homna woods…get the popcorn ready


he’s gonna join the pxg troops


I think the flatstick changes but grip stays. Wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to TM but at a fraction of what he was getting. Also wouldn’t be shocked if he went unsigned for a while and hodge-podges like you said. At API he went back to nearly all TM but with Cobra 5w & Wilson LW. TM ball.

I will put some serious coin down saying there is no way he’s going to PXG

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Is it bad that I think that would be kind of sick?

More and more guys going without sponsors. Feel like he follows that wave for awhile.

Does Honma move the needle in the US? I cannot say I have ever seen it in a shop or on a course. Justin Rose does nothing for me, I would rather not watch golf if he is in final group.

Simple answer, no. If I am going to seek out a smaller, less well known brand, it’s really never going to be anything to do with Honma. Justin Rose is a “so what” to me, though he never has really done anything that makes me be sure why that is.

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Since Rose help them design golf clubs then I guess he is terrible at doing it?

has anyone made the joke that justin rose is gonna join taco bell yet? because I’m claiming it now


so I can’t find them now but I still found the screenshot I took a year ago of the $38,000 gold irons honma was selling

I feel like there is a reasonably large disconnect between a US-centric online golf community’s view of Rose/Honma and the global reality of it.

Rose going to Honma would have sold a lot more than a “few hundred” sets of golf clubs. Globally, Justin Rose has a very different “brand” to the way he is viewed by Americans in America.

Rose is very English (does it get any more English for a pro sportsman than “born in South Africa”?!), so it’s not surprising Americans don’t really get it.

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