Just Patrick Reed doing Patrick Reed things


He rocked the green jacket at a Rockets game. I wonder if he’s getting in bed with Tilman and the Landry’s franchise?


This line in the fourth paragraph: “But Reed, ever the gracious host, is cognizant that spread might not suit everyone’s appetite, and will offer other dishes as well.”



Patrick and Justine Reed dinner party


Sergio “I’m not drinking any fucking merlot”


Classic Justine.


I’m guessing Reed will change up the wine pairings last minute and act like he was planning to serve Spieth Chardonnay with his ribeye all along.


Patrick Reed pulls up to Chick-Fil-A:
“Yes, I am here to pick up my order of nugget trays and lemonade. It is an important dinner so if you could hurry up that would be great. Oh and don’t forget the ranch”


he definitely gets ranch and not cfa sauce.


He strikes me as the type of person that puts ketchup on everything.


Masters Champions Dinner I’ll have the Bone-in rib eye. Well done. With ketchup.


Kis is a AAA-rated hitter for sure. Scorched earth post.


I’m in on this take.


Promoting his trip to Saudi Arabia. Get over the “Shhhh” thing bro, its played out.


I can’t wait to see how he turns a “shhhh” into a personal logo, ala, the Mickelson jump.



First question is WHY?!? And second thought is, GOOD. Leave.

Jack. Palmer. Watson… and Patrick Reed?

No Tiger (3rd most European Tour qualified wins ever…obviously includes majors and WGC). No Phil?



I’m woke on this one, just a great troll job by the Euro Tour.


Disagree. They just let the fox in the hen house. Just toxic


I feel like taking back a bunch of the good things I usually have to say about the Euro Tour after this week between this and the Saudi Arabia stuff. Can we get the Content Committee to overrule this?


This is secretly an amazing story with the Euro tour, because it’s highly probable Reed pressured them into it.

If you look at honorary memberships over the years, basically every player who has won a major while maintaining tour membership is automatically awarded lifetime membership. Willett and Stenson got it in 2016. Molinari got it a couple months after his win.

Now, Reed has maintained membership all these years, and he has the Masters. Per tradition, he should get it. But he won before Molinari did, and Molinari gor his first. Which has to mean the Euro tour didn’t want to do this and got pressured by Reed, right?