Just Patrick Reed doing Patrick Reed things


He replied to someone and basically the problem is that he paid an extra $650 to get upgraded seats. But he ended up in the same section as everyone else, just in the front row seats.

At the risk of being unpopular, I think that’s a reasonably valid complaint. Airing it out publicly is idiotic, though. Complain privately to the Tour, and I’d bet they’ll take care of it. His PR instincts are not the best.


I’d love to know if he told his wife and sister-in-law his plan with this picture. Like “let’s take a selfie where we’re all smiling and looking like we’re having a great time, but I’m actually gonna use it as a front for a super passive-aggressive tweet.”


he probably has no idea how it comes off.


Would you say the false flag is tucked on the right side?


This is yet another great move by Captain America. Anyone who takes issue with his Tweet should seriously attend the next Antifa meeting with Tron and DJ. Only way Reed is going to dominate the Ryder Cup is if he gets some fresh shade thrown his way by the haters and losers who (a) don’t recognize his greatness and (b) don’t have the financial means to pay $650 for an upgrade over line-drive section seats, and thus cannot appreciate the patent unfairness of being stiffed out of that upgrade. You better believe that Reed deliberately posted that message to invite the comments he has received. He’s just fueling up.


From whats been reported about that relationship, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Justine who wrote it


I love him during the Ryder Cup and golf is more interesting with him in the game in general, but he does come off as a dick with zero self awareness. Nothing right or wrong with any of the preceding statements, just facts.


He’s just acting out because he knows he’s about to get 7 and 6’d by Thorbjorn Olesen in a month.


If that does happen, the only thing that has Reed getting any love would be gone. The Captain America thing is real, but if he has a horrible Ryder Cup he’ll be reviled worse than Bubba.


Yea…except both those asshats have Green Jackets.

I don’t think Reed cares that he’s hated. Bubba probably does.


I didn’t realize the Houston Astros were playing in Boston this week.


I read that the PGA had players sitting all over the ball park. Maybe a promotional thing, hoping to have them recognized by more people and interact as well?


Maybe take that $650 and buy a belt sander for those teeth, yeesh…


Reed could be the biggest douche in world sport.



I don’t think anyone would complain with this meal, but it’s about as standard as possible with the attempt of pleasing everyone. How nice of Patrick. But call me a snob, I say BORING!!!

Bone in rib eye
mac and cheese
creamed spinach
creamed corn


Hope everyone is lactose tolerant.


I like the rib eye choice but good golly that’s a lot of creamy things to go along with it. Good luck to them.


trying to slow down the past champs with a Texas sized gut bomb. Wine list choice - he’s obviously only picking mainstream Napa Cabs. Silver Oak pairs nicely with boring steakhouse fare.


I’m surprised he’s not having Pappadeux cater it.