Just Patrick Reed doing Patrick Reed things




So he’s complaining that he had to pay for tickets? Is he just not self-aware that this makes him seem entitled & reinforces the negative PR?


This triggered me so hard this morning. There is no ‘line drive section’ at Fenway anymore as the netting practically stretches from foul pole to foul pole. What a baby


He’s passive aggressively trying to say the PGA gave him shitty seats. He then paid to upgrade his seats, and found that he was in the section with the other PGA players when he upgraded. So he’s saying he got screwed by getting free tickets to Fenway to see the best team in baseball. And wtf is the line drive section? Sounds like a place over one of the dugouts which would be a good seat.


P-Reed got confused. He assumed every entertainment locale had an equivalent to Sea World’s “splash zone”. Fenway’s happens to be called the “line drive section”. Simple misunderstanding. UGA’s men’s golf locker room is also called the “scotty cameron giveaway zone”


Refuge Investigation: This was JT’s insta post last night. This could be the “line drive” section Reed was complaining about, but it looks like he’s far from the only player sitting up high in free seats. This is of course assuming JT and Reed were both given tickets by the tour.


Saw this on instagram this morning and the first place I went was the Refuge to get my fix on some takes. So happy to see the discussion has already started.

I think this is the first time Pat has ever been to a baseball game and heard someone around him say “line drive” and assumed that was the name of the section he was in.


The seats in Reeds picture and the picture JT posted are both definitely from club seats. They are the only blue hard plastic seats at Fenway. I’m guessing Reed’s instagram was post seat change, because no one in their right mind would consider club seats the line drive section


Part of me hates it because it just exposes what a baby Reed is, but the other part of me loves it because Reed truly lives his gimmick and is just interested in burning it all down.

Some of the twitter replies on his companions were rough though. Yikes.


I will say, the tooth to gum ratio comment made me laugh.


he’s kinda bucking the trend in a way, doesn’t have a tour-issued instagram model wife


I was taught that if i didnt have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. So im just gonna leave it at that.


Some of these replies are just absolutely brutal I almost feel bad for them, but I don’t. He and his wife can’t possibly look at these mentions and not be bothered.


my god those are absolutely viscious


I admit I’m guilty of it literally one post up, but saying stuff about his wife’s appearance is kinda wrong

Reed’s got the money–hire a damn PR guy already


In your defense, you just said she wasn’t an IG model (reasonable considering most people aren’t). That’s a handshake compared to some of the haymakers being thrown his way in those replies.


All of the seats at Fenway are red. Stay woke.


the bail of hay one :rofl:


They’re not


This is a false flag, weak photoshop job.