Just Golfing at Audubon Park, New Orleans - Nov. 7th

A few folks of the Roll Call: New Orleans including @Sergios_Landscaping, @Bakes0, and myself have been discussing doing a large meet up over the last few months. So why not a Duel? Going a bit along with the team format of the Zurich classic and more importantly the Wednesday 2 Man Scramble that occurs at Audubon Park Golf Course every Wednesday during Spring, Summer, and early Fall what we have as a tentative idea is:

  • Due on the Bayoul: Saints vs. Sinners
  • Weekend of August 29th (Saints home preseason game against Texans.)
  • Audubon Park - Strapped Course (@djpie, @Randy, and @MerchCzar should love this.)
  • 18 Hole team format - 6 Best Ball, 6 Alternate Shot, 6 Two Man Scramble (Audubon does a 9 hole version of this every Wednesday evening during the so I think they’d work with us.)

Looking at a date in August gives people who may want to travel enough time to plan, and hopefully we should be back to some semblance of normal by then.


edit: since this is more of a meetup then a duel name has been changed to Battle on the Bayou.


About Audubon Park Golf Course.

  • Par 62
  • 4220 yds from the gold tees
  • 12 Par 3’s, 4 Par 3’s, and 2 Par 5’s

Doing a 2 man modified scramble format there are two ways that we can look at it:

  • 1-6 - Best Ball
  • 7-12 - Alternate Shot
  • 13-18 - Scramble


  • 1,4,7… - Best Ball
  • 2,5,8… - Alternate Shot
  • 4,6,9… - Scramble

I couldn’t find a good scorecard photo or layout photo online so I scanned in one of my scorecards (please excuse my birdie challenge tracking).

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If Audubon Park sounds familiar it’s because the Strapped Boys went there during Strapped Louisiana.


Who is dueling and what is their beef?

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I’ll support the event, but as Caleb said you can’t just make it a duel without beef. Ain’t nothing wrong with a “regular” meetup.

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I did not take that into consideration. Thanks Jeff and @cgroom.

This will need some editing as expected.I’m open to calling it whatever so we can try and get people together any way we can.

If y’all want beef we can supply it - Houston traffic is terrible, come at me.


Those of us in Houston agree with you though…

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… I’ve got nothing else. Meetup it is.

I’m the wrong Houstonian to beef with I guess. I’m even a Saints fan. Who Dat!

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Listen - I am the first to admit that I am a big fan of the work trip to Houston. It’s a great excuse to mess around during the week and call it work. Houston has also been a friendly neighbor when in need. Hurricanes have destroyed property in both of our cities and we have always been there to help each other.

BUT, I am just going to leave this here…

We have no grounds for a duel, so I see the dispute. Some different names could be battle on the bayou, birdies on the bayou, etc. Regardless - it could be a good start to a tradition. I would love to take a trip to Houston and show down against some Texans when my Saints play there next.

Regardless of the name - y’all get over here to Sin City of the South and let’s go send em.

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Plenty of Saints and LSU fans over there. Stepped off the plane wearing a Saints polo at Hobby and got so many “Who Dats” as I walked out… then I stepped into Ninfa’s off the Gulf Freeway while there was a Texans game on. Man I didn’t think i was going to make it out alive.

@ltrisler you down?

I’m not, not in…Ill have to see closer to time but if I don’t have anything going that weekend then I am in!

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@LivingLagunaLoca get it set up! If you build it the refuge will come

We will. Weather has kept me from getting over to Audubon. Hope to get out for 9 this afternoon so I can talk to them.

Damn…y’all picked the only weekend I’ve got plans in august. Sounds like fun, but I can’t rep the Houston folks as of now.

Any updates on this event? I know I’m not in New Orleans but if the organizers need a hand I’ll pitch in

I went by Audubon the other day. I was told the person I need to speak with wasn’t there, but I’m going to try again this week when I’m out there.

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New nester from Houston. Still need to talk to the wife, but I think I would be able to make this battle as long as 15 handicappers are welcome

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