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This one’s for Randy… Most players today don’t know the prowess of the leading women golfers in the world at the launch of the 20th century. One, Joyce Wethered, was astonishing in match play.

To say that Wethered was a dominant competitor grossly understates the case. She won 33 consecutive matches in the English Women’s Amateur tournament, owning the title exclusively from 1920 through 1924 – (age 19 to 23.) She also won 36 of 38 matches in taking the British Women’s Amateur championship four times in a span of seven years. She retired (for the first time) in 1925 prior to her 24th birthday.

I reviewed a biography about here her. The book is available online. A high recommend,


Would she be a reasonable competitor for six time champ @Geaugolf? These kinds of questions can never be answered. People will form their own opinions. Heels will be dug in.


Thanks for sharing!

Joyce wethered would kick me to the curb…

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/me mutters something about how few women played at the time and departs the thread… Only to then return to say “Welcome to the Refuge, @RB_NW_Hickory_Golfer.

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Bobby Jones once commented that Joyce made him feel totally outclassed…

Jones had the opportunity to play with Wethered from the back tees before the British Amateur in 1930. With a breeze blowing off the sea, Wethered did not miss a shot, half heartedly three-putted the 17th from 12 feet after the match was over and went around the Old Course in 75. It was as clean a round of golf as Jones had ever seen.

“I have not played golf with anyone, man or woman, amateur or professional, who made me feel so utterly outclassed,” said Jones. “It was not so much the score she made as the way she made it. It was impossible to expect that Miss Wethered would ever miss a shot-and she never did.”

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