Jones Golf Bags

Thanks for the picture. That helps.

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I love that gray color.

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I love it too.It’s the only color they sell the rover in, but I don’t think I’d switch if I had the option.

The color was the main reason I bought the rover. It’s even nicer in person!

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I like him, he loves to have a pseudo-intellectual take on places and things that don’t necessarily need that viewpoint. But I enjoy watching golf content and I enjoy him, I really do. Also he’s a jersey guy, we gotta stick together.

You’ll have to go over and read the EAL thread. It’s relatively amusing.

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The grey is great, but the new heather charcoal Players series might be my new favorite color now.

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Oh man I wanted that one. But the beer pocket sold me on the rover. It definitely holds 3 cans. Not the 2 they advertise.

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I have tossed my Mackenzie in my Club Glove travel bag dozens of times without incident.

I put my Stiff Arm in there and strap it and it is totally fine.

Can attest it’s a great color

I do this with my leather golf bag too. (Not a Mackenzie)

Dammit. I didn’t pull the trigger on the BF/CM deal either.

Maybe next year. I was (still am) “jonesin” for the weekender duffle too.

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you really think you are clever huh

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Sorry Nandy.

Nuthin’ gets passed you. Sharpest nail in the can!

I battled mine for a while but ended up ditching it primarily for aesthetics. I throw my utility rover on a push cart anyways (I had read that it’s not the ideal bag for this but I think it works as well as any). I don’t need that other strap when I carry it to the range or to and from the car.

Wow…I just looked closer at that bag and it is really nice looking. I honestly never even looked at it because their picture makes it look like a backpack. The strap on my duffel bag broke during my last trip, so I’m in need of a new bag. I wish I had looked closer at this one.

I was waiting to get the Utility Cooler with the sale, but they only have it in burgundy.

It might have been a mistake, not sure. I ordered the heather grey (it looked pretty light on the website), but the box I received said charcoal and looked slightly darker than the website pics. But I love the color anyway

Just got my utility scout duffle and the shoe bag. The shoe bag is quite a bit bigger than I anticipated. Nice stuff though.

Obviously not a Mackenzie as you used the term “golf bag”

I also use a stiff arm and club glove and have traveled all over with my Mackenzie with no issues

Gotta get me some baby sear grips!