Jon Rahm chipping on a green


Last weekend, Jon Rahm had to chip while on a green. He made quite a divot. A putt would have gone through the fringe and maybe the first cut. On pro tours, it seems this situation occurs when the hole is cut close to an edge. But I’ve encountered this in regular course setups. I don’t hesitate to chip.

Question: Is it the fault of the course designer or the greenskeeper?

I think it’s the architect’s fault. The same goes if the green is so big as to make a long shot better for chipping.


I don’t know if i’d use the term “fault” because i would think this is done by design. Although in regular course setups I don’t get why courses would let this come into play with their pin placements. Some places won’t let you chip regardless. I know at Riviera they won’t let members chip on the 6th green with the bunker in the middle of it.