Johns Island FL West Course


Lucky enough to get to play here on Friday, there isn’t a lot of info about this course out there even with the 2015 Mid-Am being played there. Most of what I see compare this course (rankings wise) to Seminole, another course I’ll never get to play. I will make every effort to record the course with a bunch of pictures and report back on this Fazio design, this will be the first Fazio course I’ve ever played.

Correction: I’ve played World Woods, so if this is better than that I’m in for a real treat!


Mark, how was Johns Island?


It was pretty nice. Obviously the condition was immaculate, to the point you felt bad taking a divot. It reminded me a lot of World Woods Pine Barrens; rolling terrain, large waste bunkers, but I felt like there was more water on Johns Island. Interestingly there is a public course, Sandridge, just south of this course built on the same ridge of land that gives the unique topography to both courses. It was a nice experience to get to play such a private course that was still in top condition before they basically shut down for the summer. Also, unlike most Florida courses you never see a house while golfing; a pretty surreal experience when you are used to golfing in typical FL developments.



Good to hear - glad you enjoyed. In an interesting part of Florida for sure.