Joe Buck Pod


Did NLU insert the bird noises over Buck or does that happen any time he talks?


I thought it was funnny to hear him say that no one tunes into a broadcast to hear him talk, when he painfully inserts commentary ad naseum to moments that don’t need any.


I wasn’t expecting Joe Buck for the next Pod. Very cool you got an hour out of him.

Before I listened to it, I was not a fan of Joe Buck calling golf because it doesn’t seem like he knew enough about golf as I thought he should have for a lead guy. Nevermind the mis-calling of Brooks’ lady friend’s name. I don’t care about that. I care more about the previous 8 hours of golf content. I’ve watched the World Series and he clearly is at a 10/10 on baseball knowledge, and after the last few US Opens he’s still like a 6/10 in golf. It’s much better since Chambers Bay. I think he’s getting better, and this US Open is a huge opportunity for him, and FOX, to really solidify themselves as perhaps the best golf broadcasting network.

I think he’s an excellent commentator but he needs some more refinement to be great at golf. Listen to how Peter Alliss or Frank Chirkinian call golf and replicate that. Let the golf speak for itself and listen to the players and caddies talk about their shots. Keep your comments short and to the point. Provide a witty comment here or there to make me chuckle while I’m eating my guacamole. Based on this Podcast, it sounds like he really understands this and I am looking forward to some great coverage. Joe B seems to get it and I’m a much bigger fan of his after listening to this.

Nice interview. As I write this I’m seeing another Pod? Wow content!