Joaquin Niemann


What is the consensus on this young player? I don’t think he is as hyped up as Jon Rahm was when he first went pro, but his initial appearances have been pretty solid. Since the Masters he has made the cut twice and missed twice, but the times he made the cut were both top 10s. Pretty good showing so far at Memorial. Where does his career trajectory take him? Will he get his card without playing the


Everyone expects big things out of Niemann. He might get fewer mentions that Rahm, but I wonder how much of that was because of the Mickelson connection.


Been following him for the last year+. Was never convinced until he shot 63 at the Latin American Am to punch his Masters ticket after a near miss in 2016. Assuming everyone else is looking at his funky, divy, drop kick swing and slight build and thinking - “is this kid really a stud?”.

When you look at Rahm, dude looks like a linebacker and rips it. Rahm also had a stellar college career which Joaquin skipped. All adds to less hype. However, this kid looks to be the real deal. Who snagged @GCJoaquinTracker? If it is not called for, go get em.


He should be able to avoid the Web. He has two Top 10’s so far and should have a have top 30 at the minimum this week. He seems like he shpuld be something.


Kid can play but I foresee back issues with that swing


He might be a killer.

(Also, the all caps title was driving me bananas)


Neimann has the lightest wiki page I’ve ever seen for a former world #1 am and a pro with 2 top 10s already. He’s real. I’m all in on the kid.


That putt he sank on 18 secured him special temporary status.


Maybe I should take it to the contrarian take thread, but I’m predicting he’s Victor Dubuisson.


Aaron Wise didn’t even have a Wikipedia article until he won in Dallas…


I’m all in on Niemann. He’ll be a champion by the end of the season


Now that Niemann has locked up his tour status in 8 starts I was curious, how did he get those starts in the first place? Was it all sponsor exemptions? Is a situation like this frustrating for guys on the Web that are grinding for any PGA tour starts, and they see a kid given a substantial opportunity to bypass the typical route?


I believe they are sponsors exemptions off the bat as well as some earned exemptions into the following week’s field based on a high finish. I doubt the Web guys are too upset about it. It’s pretty common for big time amateurs to get sponsor exemptions as soon as they turn pro. Spieth, Rahm, and a few others all followed the same path to earn status quickly and mostly avoid the Web.


Texas Open - Sponsors Exemption
Wells Fargo - Top 10 at Texas Open
Byron Nelson - Sponsors Exemption
Colonial - Champions’ Choice
Memorial - Sponsors Exemption
St. Jude - Top 10 at Colonial/Memorial
National - Sponsors Exemption
Greenbrier - Special Temp/Reshuffle (i.e. on merit)
JDC - Special Temp/Reshuffle (i.e. on merit)

Sponsors Exemptions for non-members are capped at 7, so there are safeguards in place. He only used four, got another special exemption into Colonial. If the National had standard exemption rules, he would have been normally exempt into it as well.

If those Web guys got four top tens in eight events, they’d be reshuffled into the past 150 category and would be playing into these tournaments as well.


And maybe this should go in the contrarian takes thread, but I want to challenge the notion that anybody is entitled to Sponsors Exemptions. They are there as is, there are rules restricting tournaments from going too far off the reservation (2 to players from the Web Finals graduates if not eligible, 2 from members not exempt, 4 unrestricted) . By definition, anybody who gets a Sponsors Exemption didn’t qualify for the tournament otherwise. Nobody is entitled to those unrestricted exemptions.