Jim Herman Caddie Experience Raffle - LIVE (Benefits Strong Like Stella)

I will be rolling out different auctions/raffles at different times throughout this week as we near the Strong Like Stella Cincinatti Open. These online entries should be utilized by both attendees and non attendees, as we do not want to be dealing in cash during the event.

Please read ALL of the instructions below very carefully before filling anything out.

Step 1: Fill out the Google Form here - https://forms.gle/F6D1YaAN4V8a87Sq7
Step 2: Submit payment via PayPal here - paypal.me/pools/c/8j4PeyDDB0

YOU MUST FILL OUT A SEPARATE FORM AND SUBMIT A SEPARATE PAYMENT FOR EACH ENTRY! In order to eliminate as much human error as possible on our end, submitting each entry separately GUARANTEES you will get the proper number of entries.

As the instructions say, if you cannot submit payment via PayPal, please fill out the Google Form and then contact me directly here via DM.
Google Form will automatically close at 10PM EST on 11/1, and the winner will be drawn live from a random bar/restaurant Saturday night in Cincy on 11/2.

Please contact alexshreff@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Unlimited entries - let’s raise some money for a great cause!


also, please comment on this thread so we keep it at the top of the “latest” category for visibility.

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Absolutely awesome. This has the potential to raise a truly substantial amount of money for @pushdraw, Stella, and family. It makes me so happy to see this happening, and to contribute in my own modest way. Thank you for all of the work that is going into setting up this and other fundraisers, and thanks to everyone donating such sick items/experiences.


Great format. Thanks for setting up.


Thread is pinned to top of category until 11/1


This is so freaking cool.

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If I win, I would love to try to do a tournament near @pushdraw - he could be my +1 for the tournament. :slight_smile:


3 entries so far, keep them coming :beers:

At the WMPO, no less.


I should add that Jim Herman is from Cincinnati. So, you know he loves Skyline…kind of my dream guy.


This is too cool! Glad it was able to be a raffle, as I couldn’t get the wallet out fast enough!

Also, just to be clear, is the John Deere an eligible event? I see the rules exclude majors…:rofl:


per @BamaBearcat it doesn’t look like Scottsdale is on the schedule this year (cc @DuckDuckHook) but maybe we can convince him to add it haha

He was a few years behind me on the golf team at St. Xavier. So, it would be pretty cool to win this.


One of the guys in my office is pretty connected in the Cincinnati golf scene and he speaks highly of Herman.

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If Herman doesn’t play near you, we’ll make swade provide you a buddy pass. Ha!


Hey Hermie I know you weren’t planning to play Scottsdale but would you mind entering this event so that we can have a 9-hole walking caddy during your Monday practice round? Thanks


The Refuge literally dictates international flight departure times, only fitting we dictate PGA Tour players schedules too


And dictate where every other Cinci golfer can play on Nov 2.

Should the refuge get kickback from all the other local courses for sending them the displaced Avon customers? its only fair right.

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FYI- I win raffles…Often.

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