Jersey Shore Public Tracks?

Heading out east in a few days to hang with the in-laws and the extended fam, bringing the sticks of course.
Uncle-in-law just canceled his membership to Spring Lake GC (the nerve!) so I’m in search of a public course in/around that area - Belmar, Asbury Park, Farmingdale etc for a Friday morning round.

Thoughts on where I should play?

Muchas gracias, mi amigos

Little bit of a black hole there for public golf, but Lakewood CC is a historic course that could be very good, but… Still worth a play. imo. Hominy Hill is worth a play too. .

If you are up for a drive(s), there are lots of public options down in the Atlantic City area, with Atlantic City CC being #1.

Thanks @anon33975872
Lakewood looks a little rough around the edges but has good bones. If true, reminds me of many of the public tracks in/around SF. Might give Hominy Hill a go.

Hominy is nice, can’t complain the few times I’ve played it. I’ve also played Spring Meadow which is solid too.

Atlantic City CC is SO woke!

Is Sand Barrens down on the Southern Shore still around?

Private now, was bought by the Union League

Hominy Hill was great, thanks for the reco. They don’t make it easy for out-of-towners to book tee times, but fortunately I got on with a three some after showing up at 6:30 and waiting only 10 mins. Greens were a little shaggy but otherwise conditioning was great. Fun layout, lots of par fours and fives where driver isn’t the play off the tee. Would recommend!

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Has anyone ever played Twisted Dunes? Going to be playing there next weekend and seems to have a lot of mixed reviews

No. It was purchased by Union League of Philadelphia and is undergoing massive renovations. It looks incredible but ultimately removes 27 holes of public golf in an area already short on decent options

I’ll throw a few more options out there for you. Shore gate, ballamor, seaview (bay course), Renault vineyards golf course.

I don’t have strong feelings about any of these really. All decent but conditions hit or miss from my experience with courses down the shore

I’ve played twisted dunes a few times and always enjoy my rounds there. Also biased as it was the first course I broke 100 on lol! Last time I played there was last November on an insanely windy day and we were some of the only crazy people out there. Still had a blast.

A couple other options to consider. Neshanic Valley GC or McCulloughs Emerald Golf Links. Might be a bit of ride but both fun courses worth the drive. Wherever you end up playing, enjoy your round!

Twisted Dunes is awesome. I haven’t played it recently so I can’t speak to conditions, but it’s a very fun, modern layout.

McCulloughs is awesome

Played it 11 years ago and really loved it. Was paired with a local, from Ireland who really added to the experience, had us laughing all day. I think their 7th hole is a Mackenzie hole that was never built.

Brigantine is a neat old course, some pretty wild greens. I think it was a Stiles and Van Kleek design.

Yes, I played there a few times most recently in the beginning of August. Fun track, better to be accurate then long on some holes. The first cut of rough is usually ok to hit out of, it’s the high fescue that can be a problem.

I played Brigantine about five years ago on a bachelor party. I don’t really remember a lot about the course but I remember it having some interesting holes.

going to be in the area for 2 days of golf soon–debating whether to play 2 rounds at Twisted Dune, or one at TD and one at either Blue Heron, McCulloughs, or Seaview Bay. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it!

Heron is a decent track. Nothing to write home about, but has been in solid condition when I’ve played it.

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