JDM loyalists - Favs you gamed, current set?

Didn’t see a JDM specific thread so wanted to start one for fellow JDM degenerates.

My first set when I was 16 was a well used set of Honma Beres 2 stars and a Honma LB persimmon driver. Since then I’ve taken the plunge, tho US releases have their bright spots too.

Have a set of Miura CB1008 heads I will probably never shaft up bc I love them too much.

The Miura Hayate 9.5 launched way too high and distance was below average for me, the 3 wood is a monster though. Miura also had a nice hybrid before they stopped producing them.

My only JDM clubs right now are Miura K Grind 52, 56, 60 and a Miura ICL-601 18°. They’ve been the best wedges I’ve ever used and will probably upgrade to the 2.0s next season.

And yes, I’m a ho for Miura.

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sorry I’m the resident refuge Miura fanboy


but in all seriousness:
baby blades 1-P
raw forged wedges 51/55/59

and i really want a KM-008 putter…

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Hey I’m new here so I don’t mind being the backup :grin:

How about those MB 101s! Man I’ve wanted a smoke black 008 from Torquegolf for a long time! Totally feel you on that but $850 is a lot

I love them, but, it’s not a JDM thing. when it comes to clubs, “less is more”. (i wish my baby blades were unbadged), i have a HUGE crush on NCW. any “simple” blade with a mega-thin topline suits my eye.

they’re clean, but, that’s because there’s no nonsense on the back of the clubhead


I also love the look of the Itobori line. It just fascinates me.

GolfWRX: Titleist, Itobori-style


Itobori is def cool looking but haven’t heard stellar reviews of their products. Definitely a unique look tho

I like what Fujimoto is doing, just gorgeous shaping.

I’m still enamoured by the look of A Grind Hybrids and woods I love the classic look at address.


I currently have miura irons and yururi wedges. Do those count?


Sure do! Some would say true JDM degeneracy is only buying JDM stuff, which makes sense but how large of a community would we have then? :joy:

If you just believe Japanese products are all you’d ever want to game regardless, then I’d say you’re a degenerate!

I play Miura irons currently. They started as an experiment that I could recoup the investment off of if it didn’t pan out, but they have really good response and consistency to their ball flight. It’s now just a matter of finding the right shaft, which will be an off season endeavor for me.


If i could get that look stamped onto my blades, sheesh!

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Look up https://instagram.com/corey_paul_functional_art?igshid=30xdhn2j9di

He does great work and if anyone can put a design like that on irons it’s him. He uses Fujimoto blanks and sells them customized too

what a crazy idea for the off-season… get my gamers worked up

edit: holy cow this guy is crazy

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This just makes me want new clubs that much more…


Me: Clicks on thread, then opens new tab to search for new irons


Going in for my first ever club fitting this weekend; would it be poor form to say “only JDM, please”? I love the Honma Rose Protos, but I have no idea if they’re good for my game

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No definitely not! JDM all day. Just be open to the models, keep an open mind!

Try the shimada K iron shafts too! Let us know what you get fit and end up getting!

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Your degeneration for JDM makes @nandersen blush. No idea what thread you need to find to read when he got smitten for his [small] [irons]


I had my blades before I came to the refuge

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I still have 4, 5, 6 CB57s irons. Need to find better shafts to put in em! Or trade em :roll_eyes: